Similarly wearing school uniform, why can the teacher also see students “family”?The answer lies in the child

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Whether in primary school or middle school, school uniforms are unavoidable for students.For the students who are in adolescence and love beauty, the synonym of school uniform is bloated, sports, cookery, so every time to the holiday, we can’t wait to put the school uniform back into the wardrobe, put on their usual no chance to wear clothes.But from a certain point of view, the school uniform is not only a symbol of students’ identity, but also the external label of the school, so even after hearing everyone’s ridicule, the school will only continue to upgrade the “school uniform”, rather than let everyone completely abandon the school uniform.Why does the school insist on “uniform plus body”?There are many uneducated people in today’s society, who often come to campus to pose for photos or make profits for some illicit purpose.But these bad people are not wearing school uniforms, so whether it is security personnel or school teachers, they can quickly distinguish and stop them in time, which is more conducive to protecting the safety of students and the reputation and reputation of the school.Many schools have created their own badges, including a “unique color,” as the sport uniform for school obedience has been upgraded to “shirt, pleated skirt or trousers.”This means that if a student goes out of school without permission, or does some behavior in violation of school rules and regulations, it is convenient for the teacher to distinguish whether the student is his or her own student from the uniform, so as to manage.We often say, “You are what you do at your age.” The most important thing for students under 18 is to study.Just as policemen wear police uniforms and firefighters wear fire uniforms, when students wear school uniforms, it also means that they need to carry the burden of learning on their shoulders.In other words, wearing school uniforms is also a way to remind students of their identity.In addition, we are wearing a copy and paste general school uniform during the school, can also indirectly avoid the behavior of students to blindly compare with each other, it can be said that it is a multiplex.However, some teachers frankly said: even if the students are wearing school uniforms, they can also see their “family situation”, which is how it is?The same are wearing school uniforms, why the teacher in charge teacher can see the students “family”?When students put on school uniforms, from behind looked like lianlianhe, sometimes even parents may not be able to find their own children at a glance, so how is the teacher to see the students’ family?In fact, the key lies in these points.The first is the daily necessities for students.Generally speaking, although the school uniform is the same, but it will not be equipped with the corresponding accessories and shoes, which need to be prepared by parents.Nowadays, with the development of the Internet, students have access to a variety of information. Although they seem “naive”, they are not inferior to adults in psychological comparison.In the case of the same school uniform, they will show their unique and rich through shoes, so there will always be a “secret contest” in this respect, and even some students’ shoes reached 4 digits.The second aspect is vision. In daily communication between teachers and students, it is easy to know which cities students have been to and what activities they have participated in during holidays.More importantly, the family is superior to the temperament of children generally outstanding, they not only have more expertise, but also more confident in words and deeds, these insights and horizons are not covered by school uniforms.In general, the reason why teachers can understand students’ “family background” is actually the answer lies in the children, not the result of teachers’ special investigation.It is believed that many parents have expressed their concerns: “Are they generally treated differently by teachers?”There is no denying that there are such black sheep in the teacher team, but most teachers still have the “beginner’s mind” and regard preaching and learning to solve doubts as the basic principle of their profession.Especially when “new teacher law” after drawing up, on the one hand the threshold of teacher profession will be “raised”, the applicant that does not accord with standard or professional knowledge does not reach standard will be blocked at the door.On the other hand, the supervision of teachers’ ethics is stricter. If a teacher is found to be out of compliance, he or she will be seriously dealt with or even kicked out of the teacher’s team. Therefore, parents do not have to worry about the “double standard behavior” of teachers due to their family background.As parents or let students focus on learning no one is a saint without desires, so it is natural that students will have the psychological comparison, especially in the adolescent children, more hope to highlight their differences.Tired of wearing uniform school uniforms, excessive value of external things are the characteristics of students in this period.In view of this situation, parents should carry out appropriate guidance, so that students will focus on back to study, do not be too many things to go away, after all, the entrance examination, the college entrance examination is not far away, we still have to seize the time to improve themselves.