Opening ceremony of Winter Olympics has big plan

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To the accompaniment of melodious music, hundreds of performers holding long green fluorescent poles gathered in concentric circles in the center of the venue.Music transformation, long bar rhythm, and the ground large screen effect integration;The audience held their breath as they waited for the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics.Such a scene not only appeared in the Opening ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games, but also in the “big abacus” behind the opening ceremony thousands of times in advance.The opening ceremony of the 24th Winter Olympic Games was held in Beijing on February 4.The picture shows a countdown performance.Xinhua News Agency reporter Yang Lei photo 4 evening, the eyes of the world once again gathered in the National Stadium “Bird’s Nest”, the Olympic light once again shining thousands of years old capital.Ding Gangyi, director of the Digital Performance and Simulation Technology Laboratory at the Beijing Institute of Technology, was thrilled by the success of the opening ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympics.In the past two years, Ding Gangyi led the virtual simulation team of Beijing Institute of Technology to provide scientific and technological support for the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympic Games with the integrated service platform of intelligent creation and rehearsal.”We simulated the whole process of the Opening ceremony of the Winter Olympic Games through THREE-DIMENSIONAL simulation technology, including actors, audience, lighting, music, fireworks, the Olympic torch, and even the relay position.”The platform is like a movie preview system, helping the director team intuitively understand the overall effect of the program.”Ding gangyi said.Total process time, current link time, subdivision step time, with realistic character details, environmental presentation, sound and light effect…Through the large screen of the simulation system, you can not only watch the performance effect from multiple perspectives, but also see the “capillaries” in the performance design, which are precise to the second level of time control and detailed to the centimeter level of point arrangement, to ensure that “the right elements appear at the right time”.”We integrated the creative details and even imagination of each team in the opening ceremony into a practical effect in the system, so as to demonstrate different schemes.All the effects presented by the system, such as the number of times the pole swings and the distance the character walks, should be consistent with the actual performance.”Ding Gangyi said that with the help of the simulation system, the “optimal solution” of each link of the opening ceremony in the ideal state can be found, and then according to the actual rehearsal of the continuous polishing scheme, greatly reduce the trial and error cost in the real performance rehearsal.Ding gangyi used the word “abacus” when talking about the role of an integrated service platform for intelligent creation and rehearsal in the planning of the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics.”The planning department, the ceremony department, the director team, the technical department and so on all want to come to us.During the preparation process, the teams will come up with new ideas almost every day, such as changes in the number of performers, music changes and movement adjustments. The ‘abacus’ has to be constantly worked on. Sometimes a small modification will affect the whole body, but they also need to be synchronized in the system at the fastest speed to come up with the latest solutions.”Ding gangyi said.The construction of a snowflake during the opening ceremony of the 24th Winter Olympic Games in Beijing, feb 4, 2018.Xinhua News Agency reporter Song Yanhua perturbation “Beijing Olympics opening ceremony of the biggest difficulties is that every program need to music, stage and screen effects fully coupled on the ground, but as a result of these three elements designed by different teams respectively, and basic it is a new creation, need to put all three together in the simulation system, over and over again, simulation, adjustment.Multiple elements need to be changed at the same time, and it is sometimes difficult to identify the ‘main contradiction’.”Ding gangyi said that through the team’s hard work day and night, we can ensure the continuous output of the “calculation power” of the abacus and find the “crux” in the shortest time.In 2008, the grand opening ceremony of the Olympic Games held in the “Bird’s Nest” amazed the world. At that time, Ding Gangyi led the virtual simulation team to participate in the technical support service of the opening ceremony, designing the number of people, points and actions for the fou of a thousand people.In 2022, Beijing, the “City of Olympic and Paralympic Games”, opened a simple, safe and wonderful ice and snow festival for the world. The amazing opening ceremony once again marked the scientific and technological footprint of the team.”During the past 14 years, our country’s scientific and technological strength has advanced by leaps and bounds, but what remains unchanged is our pursuit of a happy life,” said Ding, an Austrian and Chinese citizen from summer to winter.Just after the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympic Games, Ding Gangyi led his team to work on the closing ceremonies of the Winter Olympic Games and the Winter Paralympic Games.Source: Xinhua