Where is Tao Lu from

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Lulu set is fujian, mentioned lulu set, you have to mention Yin Shihang, when it comes to the circle of network celebrities, can not leave the lulu set, because and Yin Shihang created a dog drama, Lulu set famous, although the acting is poor, but two people hit the joke, popular in reason.Marketing, two people to flow without bottom line again and again to challenge the bottom line, set of LuLu and YanShiHang also makes, against the background of YanShiHang, set of LuLu looks like a tool, so a lot of netizens feel love towards her situation, although a short video account were blocked, but did not affect LuLu and YanShiHang real sentiment.Level, no doubt, but high appearance YanShiHang has height short board, set of LuLu have perfect appearance, delicate facial feature and slender figure, even passers-by photos will not collapse, no wonder YanShiHang can fall in love at first sight to him, YanShiHang once a minor celebrity celebrity circle in the network, but unfortunately, as he was platform, also with lower flow rate.Although he is not short of money, but the less money channel, for he is not a good thing, a supposed to romantic engagement ceremony was changed into belt YanShiHang scene. The character set of LuLu into decoration, two personal engagement must be false, after they break up, YanShiHang returned to normal life, set LuLu trumpet and younger brother live together, live together with brother,Lulu always a look like a dislike, call each other to work, but two people deep feelings, each other did not care about, after all, is a family.