Nio has a brand new plan for 2022 with a good development trend

2022-07-24 0 By

In 2021, wei to car sales are rising, just in August 2021, wei to car just bought 5580, was affected by the epidemic in 2021, the company’s parts supply appeared some problems, but wei to the company under the condition of the underdog, so far, has sold nearly fifty-five thousand cars,The company continues to set new sales records and is ahead of the electric car market.The weakness and saturation of the market actually make electric car sales now face a dilemma.However, the emergence of Nio is enough to make us believe that as long as an enterprise can concentrate on the brand, it can still be accepted by the public.Take the nextev ET7, a large domestic sedan that nextev will soon be looking forward to. It will be equipped with 150-degree batteries and a high pixel camera.Installing batteries on cars solves the problem of car exhaust emissions, which not only solves the problem of expensive car fuel consumption, but also takes into account the problem of environmental greening, which is also the embodiment of an enterprise’s corporate culture.By installing a camera on the car, we are much safer when we drive outside. Even if something happens, the car can record it in time, providing a very rational help for us to deal with problems in the future.Such a configuration is also surprising and rare, the car is the core competitiveness of NIO electric vehicles.Of course, it is worth more people’s attention. Everyone is looking forward to the new car launched by NIO in 2022.Under such an interpretation, we can ignore it’s not hard to why the company can a month to sell so many cars, is because they focus on their technology, go up only when a company’s technology, quality guarantee, to get everybody’s trust, and reality is to prove that they did, wei to car company, in the future.