Run properly, make your body healthier

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Of all the sports, running seems to be the easiest to carry out. It doesn’t need any equipment and equipment, and it is not limited by the venue and time. You can run anytime and anywhere.Check to see if you have met…..Running shoes are the most important weapon for runners/to know the shape of their feet, whether they have high arches or flat feet, etc.So when choosing shoes may need to judge whether the shoes match their own foot type simple post here about all kinds of foot type suitable shoe money oh ~ high arches in = = lack of internal rotation and need shock is running low arches curl = = excessive internal rotation and need to support system running shoes if the arch is normal, no inside and outside, then the cushioning and support check all and clear their own needs,Do you want to wear it for jogging or racing?Jogging shoes main function is to protection and durability, bottoms will wear some matches with shoes, mainly for the sake of speed, generally choose the lighter so early runners must wear in competition with shoes, many top runners not ride at the beginning of the racing shoes, wear instead more vulnerable oh ~ today for everyone to play it – find ONEMIX unfettered Pro running shoes,Give you stability protection!When the total number of coupons reaches 200, 30,399 will be reduced by 60.Special area 2 pieces 10% off, superimposed coupons!!Flash ~ ~ / 02 need to warm up before a run, after the lesbian stretch/when we time so nervous select directly run away and ignore to warm up it’s not a good habit ~ do not do to warm up before a run, feel whole body muscle stiffness not open leg is most obvious, lead to run more and more tired, also very easy to run stitches, running efficiency is not high, also not the effect of exercise to warm up before a run,It can warm up your muscles, which can not only run better, but also reduce or even avoid injuries.Do not deliberately to pursue the speed, in order to feel the most comfortable to enjoy running at a speed of ~ especially required step by step, just run away when not suitable one runs straight at the mileage, there is no specific standard is mainly depends on your own physical quality, the general movement and a half hours to reach the effect of burning fat has a premise,If you had to pick the best time, it would be between 4 and 6 PM in the afternoon because physically, mentally, and physically,Is the best this is the body status in the time of day with the best air quality is the most important is to go out pay attention to the ~ / 05 running form/head, shoulders, hips and big toe on the same straight line body relax, slightly forward, support legs bend your knees, knees, directly above the big toe body centre of gravity is concentrated in the big toe, heel touch the ground,Another leg on the right buttock located below the knees slightly bent, muscles taut, tiptoe forward, landing with little more mainly for best is voice, any position, only at the best of yourself comfortable, rather than imitate for decades, researchers have been trying to find out the right running gait, reduce the risk of injury, and improve the efficiency of the running,But they never succeeded because there is no universal running form. If your running form is fine, if you’ve accumulated enough runs to never get injured, there’s no need to change it. In fact, changing your running form can even cause problems and injuries