Linze: Nursing-care services support a blue sky of love for the disabled

2022-07-17 0 By

In recent years, Linze County has listed the care service for the disabled as a key livelihood practical project, which benefits the disabled people, and has been widely concerned by the whole society.Recently, entered the linze profit people foster service center for the disabled, a beautiful environment, equipped with complete infrastructure, built in the center library, rehabilitation training room, style room, etc., through to provide intellectual, spiritual and severe limb disabled life care, rehabilitation care, skills training, entertainment, leisure agriculture therapy such as social services,It has played an important role in promoting the sustainable and healthy development of the cause of the disabled in the county. At present, it has taken care of more than 110 persons with intellectual, mental and severe physical disabilities, and the social benefits have been continuously improved.Linze County Yimin disabled care service Center director He Hongbao said, “the next step, the center’s work plan is to increase rehabilitation equipment, organize staff and our disabled friends more heart to improve in life and other aspects, for them to enter the society to lay a good foundation.”In recent years, Linze County pays close attention to project construction, and the quality of precision rehabilitation continues to improve.Successively received words, cerebral palsy, mental and autism rehabilitation training free of charge up to 51 children, amblyopia, strabismus, low vision rehabilitation training free of charge up to 50 children, at the same time, for the county 370 disabled accurate adaptation ordinary wheelchair, hearing AIDS and other kinds of auxiliary equipment 395 units (pieces), was established in dongguan street community “disabled persons’ federation auxiliary appliance for the convenience of service station 1”,To meet the emergency needs of people in our county for assistive devices, and to promote rehabilitation and nursing services for the disabled.(becky)