Hangzhou woman heard that “loss 3 million to send welfare” to buy 15 single gold jewelry, after receiving goods dumbfounded

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Now live broadcasting with goods is very popular, mainly because the content said by anchors is very attractive, I feel that if you do not buy it, you will lose, and if you buy it, you will earn it. Under such temptation, many people are willing to buy it.But buy back to find cheated, cheated and then go to solve the problem is very troublesome, because there are a lot of routines inside.Hangzhou’s Ms. Li grabbed 15 pieces of jewelry in the studio, the price range from 39 to 79 yuan, she said that she thought it was gold, and wanted to go home for the Spring Festival to send the elderly, but after receiving the goods, she was dumbstruck and felt unable to take them.Ms. Li: there is a live broadcast is new store opening, said the boss loss 3 million fried welfare, I bought a single inside, bought a single after the discovery is red envelope.The original Ms. Lee before buying jade was cheated, this time left a mind to record the anchor video in advance.In the video she provided, I saw the introduction of the anchor: What you want is welfare, what I want is popularity, and what I want is data. To be clear, our boss lost 300 W, which is to spend money to buy attention.Not four digits, not three digits, will be able to grab the necklace in my hand, to direct two digits, but 100, 5 seconds online.Open today, do not please net red, do not please big, real money and silver, real money and silver to you, you are the spokesperson of walking.You know what they say about a cup of gold and a cup of silver.Ms. Li introduced: bought a real gold bracelet, weighing 30 grams, spent more than 40 yuan, I also felt very strange at that time.Reporter response: gold 1 gram also not worth so much money?Ms. Li responded: Yeah, I doubt it, too.But when the anchor said it was a benefit, she said it was a robbery.Li grabbed 15 packages and spent more than 820 yuan, all of them red envelopes, which she considered to be gold jewelry, or the jewelry that goes on top of each red envelope.Ms Li: only 10 single, 20 single gun.Reporter’s response: You grabbed them all.Ms. Li responded with a smile: Good luck, very happy.Because the jewelry was too hard, it didn’t look like gold, but because the anchor repeatedly mentioned the word “real gold and silver,” she understood it to be gold jewelry.After she found the problem, she asked the merchant, who explained that it was jewelry material, not gold.No gold content, just ordinary jewelry.But Ms. Li is still unwilling, so thought of testing, but testing company told her not cost-effective.So Ms. Li had a question in her mind.Call douyin customer service, customer service responded that the testing fee is borne by the merchant, so Ms. Li tested.The test results showed that the surface of the bracelet was gold and the main material was copper alloy, so all the 15 orders have been refunded.But Ms. Li asked businesses to bear 500 yuan of testing fees and refund three compensation.Because Ms. Li openly questioned in the live broadcast room, was blocked by the anchor, she can not find the anchor account, also can not compensate.We could not contact the other party according to the express information. After Ms. Li reported to the local market supervision department, the staff responded to the address for three times and found that the address provided did not sell department stores, but were all residents.Platform customer service promised to report processing.There is still no satisfactory result in this matter, and the platform is still needed for verification and processing.At present, Ms. Li still has 500 yuan of testing fees need to compensate, in the end false compensation three in the end whether to achieve, but also to see the attitude of the business.As a live broadcast with goods, the anchor in order to attract customers, in order to attract customers, deliberately said the conditions are very attractive, obviously false propaganda, so that customers want to buy.I didn’t expect Ms. Li to be so serious.Since Ms. Lee had already been taken in once, the video was retained for evidence.But as the average customer will know there is a problem, 30 grams of gold can be bought for 40 yuan, they know it is fake.Have netizen message: speechless!Now pure gold investment, gold to 380 yuan/gram.The gold pendant I got before Nov 11 is 403 yuan/g, I feel like picking up cabbage.Tens of yuan for gold jewelry, it’s a dream.In addition, the platform should also be audited, it is wrong to be cheap, but the live broadcast anchor said that the loss of 300W to do activities, this situation can pass the platform?Obviously is false marketing, feed how many cheaters, now each platform, how many selling fake wine selling fake facial mask, should be severely punished.So usually watch anchor shopping or to be cautious, carefully identify, to prevent being deceived.What do you think of that?For more exciting content, come to chat Pepsi