Handan: clean up garbage dead spots to promote clean city work

2022-07-17 0 By

Handan:On February 15, Handan City urban management law enforcement Bureau construction waste management office in accordance with the party group of the bureau “three demolition, four governance and five promotion” and construction waste cleaning city work arrangement, to seek truth and pragmatic work style, actively organize forces to clean up the garbage dead area of responsibility,We will comprehensively improve the level of refined management of construction waste.Up to now, the inspection brigade in the main city of our city in the streets and alleys to find out nearly more than 20 places to dump garbage, and more than 270 tons of construction waste timely cleaning.Next, it will strengthen patrol regulation at the same time, timely find work the insufficiency, combining with the actual, strong or weak, 䃼 short board, with highly responsible attitude, continue to pay special attention to the construction garbage clean-up work, ensure the work be born to carry out the city of the net, work for the city air pollution prevention and control of keeping to make due contributions.Correspondent Zhai Hongying Supervised production: Yan Wujun Zheng Yan Editor: Xu Jixia Shi Xiaoling editor: Yuan Li