A couple from Jiangsu province lived on an isolated island in the Yellow Sea for 32 years with no electricity and no fresh water and an annual salary of 5,000 yuan

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Article | star army wu edit | star sword army wu “what years static good, somebody just go on” for us, use this sentence to describe ji-cai wang and Wang Shihua couple fitting.In 1986, As a reserve militia, Wang Jicai received orders from his superiors to guard Kaishan Island.Subsequently, the wife Wang Shihua to accompany her husband, also followed Wang Jicai arrived on the island, husband and wife this adherence, is a full 32 years.Located in China’s yellow Sea outpost, Kaishan Island is located in Jiangsu province’s Lianyungang city. It covers just 13,000 square meters, which is about the size of two football fields.During the War of Resistance against Japanese Aggression, the Japanese army used this island as a springboard to occupy part of Jiangsu Province, so it is an important national defense strategic island in China.Kaishan Island is a “desert island” with no water or electricity, turbulent sea water, raging winds and infested with snakes and insects.The conditions were so harsh that few of the militiamen sent could hold out for long; the longest lasted only thirteen days.On July 15, 1986, 27-year-old Wang Jicai was a militia battalion commander in Luhe Village, Guanyun County, Lianyungang City, Jiangsu Province.After being ordered to guard Kaesan Island, his relatives and friends all urged him not to go.The old man in the village even told him that kaishan Island was remote and desolate, and there was no difference between going there and being “imprisoned”.However, Wang Jicai believed that Kaishan Island is very important to China’s border security, and someone must stick to it.It was with this determination to defend his country that he landed on the island without hesitation.Although he had made all the preparations for the difficulties, he realized that things were not so simple when he got to the island.As the boat neared the dock, Wang saw that the island was covered with snakes, insects and rodents after the storm.In desperation, Wang jicai could only stay on the island in a few empty old barracks, relying on the dry food to fill his stomach, and six cigarettes and 30 bottles of liquor to relieve boredom and courage.This went on for four days, until the sun came out and the wild animals had receded and he came out for air.However, he felt very lonely now, standing on the rocks by the sea, his mind was all about his wife and daughter on the other side.However, at this time, his wife Wang Shihua did not know her husband secretly ran to Kaishan Island, the implementation of the task of guarding the island.Because Wang Jicai before the island, in order to avoid his wife Wang Shihua too worried, deliberately hide her said: “to go outside to perform tasks, after a period of time to come back.”Wang Shihua is the primary school teacher in the village, after knowing her husband alone in the desert island, her heart all kinds of taste.On August 30, under the arrangement of Wang Jicai’s leadership, Wang Shihua came to Kaishan Island to visit her husband.After seeing her husband for the first time, Wang Shihua burst into tears. After more than 40 days without seeing him, Wang Jicai became black and thin, with a long beard, just like a “savage”.The arrival of wife Wang Shihua, let Wang Jicai feel both surprise and sad.After they had walked around the island, Wang Jicai told his wife: “You go back and take good care of the house. If I go ashore with you, who will guard the island?”Looking at Wang Jicai sincere expression, Wang Shihua ready to persuade words, a word also said not to export, but finally returned home alone.Back home, Wang Shihua is full of her husband’s vicissitudes of life appearance, her heart thought a lot of “in case her husband sick no one to take care of how to do?What if my husband doesn’t have enough to eat?”Think of these problems, Wang Shihua love her husband more, in entanglement after a few days, she decided to quit the teacher’s job, accompany her husband to defend the island.In the last class, she told the students earnestly: “Kaishan Island is very important to our country, the teacher has to protect it, you should study hard, make a contribution to the motherland in the future.”Before the island, Wang Shihua entrusted her daughter to her parents-in-law, he took bags of luggage came to the island.Since then, the two began 32 years of island life.When Wang Shihua was just on the island, she did not adapt to the humid environment on the island. When she slept at night, the sound of waves outside the window made her unable to sleep for the whole night.Below the company of the husband nevertheless, accumulate as time, Wang Shihua also got used to the life here gradually.Sometimes Wang Jicai needs to handle affairs off the island, Wang Shihua on a person guarding the island, observing the sea situation, identifying ships, guarding military facilities and other work, she has to deal with orderly.In September 1986, Wang’s father brought the couple a large pile of supplies, including food, a five-star red flag and a note.See the note above wrote: “island to have faith, and defend the same position, people in the flag!”From that day on, the first thing the couple did when they got up every day was raise the flag.During their 32 years on the island, the couple raised flags more than 11,000 times.They bought more than 200 red flags at their own expense to keep the five-star red flag flying over Kaesan Island.In addition to the obligatory flag-raising ceremony, the couple had to patrol the island and watch the sea every day and record the situation.Sometimes the couple rescues fishing boats and fishermen in sudden weather.The couple also used weapons to stop people from landing on the island when they encountered illegal people and smugglers. Over the years, they helped the coast police crack six cases.Their son, Wang Zhiguo, was born on the island on July 9, 1987.Son’s birth, almost wanted Wang Shihua’s life.The pair had planned to return to shore in early July to give birth, but the weather was not perfect, with several days of strong winds and a fishing moratorium. There was not even a boat.Wang had no choice but to deliver his wife himself while listening to the doctor’s instructions on the phone.Heat hot water, disinfect scissors, cut umbilical cord……He dared not overlook a single detail.Finally, after the safe birth of his son, Wang Jicai cried out loudly, feeling sorry for his wife and son.After their son was born, the couple took care of him for a while, then left him with Wang’s parents before returning to Kaishan.In 1992, there was a typhoon on Kaesan Island for more than half a month, so the supply ship could not travel, and the couple had already run out of food.When the rain cleared up and the fishermen brought supplies, they found them lying in bed, almost fainting from hunger.”In those days, we could only pick up some oysters and conch on the seashore and eat them raw.”Talking about this matter, Wang Jicai feels very sad.Wang and his wife were able to overcome their difficulties, but as their two children grew up and needed more money, they felt helpless.It is understood that when Wang jicai and his wife first came to the island, their annual salary combined was only 3,700 yuan.After 1995, another 2000 yuan was added.With an old family and a young child, it is undoubtedly very difficult for the couple to support the whole family with such money.When their eldest daughter got married, they could not afford a proper dowry, and their sons went to college only with loans.Although living in poverty, the couple never moved a crooked mind.In 1993, a criminal smuggling gang wanted to rent 60 smuggled cars parked on Kaishan Island and tried to bribe Wang Jicai with 100,000 yuan to bend the rules.However, Wang After just know, refused without hesitation.As a result of working and living in a humid environment for a long time, the couple’s health is getting worse and worse, wang Jicai is suffering from serious eczema and rheumatism.On July 27, 2018, Wang shihua had to go ashore for treatment due to necrosis of the femoral head.But she did not expect that one night after she left the island, Wang Jicai had a heart attack, because there was no timely rescue, and eventually unfortunately died.He was 58.Wang’s memorial service was held at a local funeral home on July 30.On the same day, hundreds of officials and citizens came to see the selfless hero off.On August 17, Wang was named a “martyr” by the state.Later, he was posthumously awarded “National Outstanding Communist Party member”.After Wang Jicai’s death, Wang Shihua dared not forget her mission, but also remembered her husband’s promise forever.On August 6, 2018, a week after Wang jicai’s death, Wang Shihua submitted a handwritten application to officials to continue the island’s defense.The leader was moved by the application, but did not sign it due to her age and health. Instead, he hired her as the honorary director of the Gaesan Island militia post.Meanwhile, kaesan Island is being guarded by militiamen in shifts every 10-15 days.The couple’s son, Wang Zhiguo, did not choose a high-paying job after graduate school. Instead, he joined the army and became an officer at nanjing border checkpoint.In 2018, Wang zhiguo followed his father’s path and volunteered to be transferred to the Coast Guard to guard the inviolable maritime territory of the motherland.Now, more than three years have passed, kaishan Island has undergone tremendous changes, not only can drink Shanghai water desalinated fresh water, but also use solar power generation.After the electricity, the kitchen also bought a lot of household appliances, electric kettle, refrigerator, oven and so on.At the same time, the houses on the island were rebuilt with public facilities such as an auditorium, reception room, library and exhibition hall.Of course, the most important change is that wang Jicai and Wang Shihua used to use bamboo flagpoles, replaced by electric flagpoles.In January 2021, Kaishan Island was approved by the state and officially became a national 3A red tourist attraction.On June 18, 2021, “The Island Keeper”, which won the 34th Golden Rooster Award for Best feature film, was released nationwide. The archetype of the story is Wang Jicai and Wang Shihua.In December of the same year, Wang shihua donated 76 relics of Wang Jicai to the Lianyungang Memorial Hall in Jiangsu Province for the world to remember and respect.From 1986 to 2018, Wang Jicai and Wang Shihua lived on the desolate Kaishan Island for 32 years.Despite the difficult conditions, the two men never thought of giving up. In their hearts, national security is more important than personal, and it is this dedication that keeps them going.In 2018, after Wang Jicai passed away, his wife Wang Shihua stayed true to her original intention and often came to Kaishan Island to protect the island where they had lived for half their lives just as her husband was still alive.What is the spirit of dedication, Wang Jicai and Wang Shihua husband and wife with 32 years to explain to everyone, they are worth everyone to respect and learn.