23+5 in 29 minutes!Rockets 24 pick is expected to replace Gordon, jokic after the shame of yong people relieved

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Many experts say that 2022 is an off-draft year, and the overall quality of the draft players is significantly lower than that of 2021.Still, there are plenty of teams involved in the meltdown, and the Rockets face a number of rivals.After the Blazers made the trade, the rockets had one more opponent, so they couldn’t win any more.Coach Sellars experimented with his squad during the game and was less active in improvisations.In the end, the rockets lasted only half the game, collapsed in the third quarter and lost to the Spurs on the road, cementing their position as the worst team in the Western Conference.The most gratifying rockets player of the game was Josh Christopher, and there’s certainly something to be said for him to be recognized by Harden and James.The Rockets’ no. 24 overall pick finished with 23 points, five rebounds, four assists and three steals in 29 minutes, making 7 of 13 field goals, 2 of 5 3-pointers and 7 of 8 free throws.He was amazing in the second quarter, scoring 12 points in 10 minutes, making 4 of 4 field goals, 1 of 1 3-pointers and 3 of 3 free throws.Many fans ridicule: he is the legend of the rocket second eye.Just like Harden, Arizona State’s josh Christopher is a 20-foot, athletic and talented scorer who struggled with injuries last season.Some experts predicted Christopher would fall to the second round, but fortunately the rockets recognized his talent, took him with the 24th pick and brought him back to Houston.After playing poorly in the summer league, Christopher was branded a bum, and he worked hard to improve himself, gradually gaining the recognition of head coach Silas.The rockets have positioned Christopher as the super Sixth man. The 24th overall pick is expected to take over for veteran Guard Gordon, and Rafer is so bullish on him that he has singled out the young guard several times.Jokic Alperen-Sengon jr. ‘s shame on this game was a relief. He was 1 for 5 in the first quarter and couldn’t shoot or defend. Some fans who watched the show said he was cheap, soft, slow and didn’t shoot.Sengon quickly adjusted and played well in the last three quarters, finishing with 18 points, two rebounds, one assist, one steal, three blocks and seven of 15 field goals in 28 minutes.Sengong plays with reiki, high ball business, good mental attributes, and tried to fit in a new environment, several draft experts said he could not be the goods, the rockets picked up the treasure.Sengong also needs to strengthen his body, develop a solid three-point shot, and gain defensive experience and skill.Green was off his game, 12 points, 2 rebounds and 3 assists in 3 of 9 in 23 minutes, hopefully he’ll get his mind right and keep going.