In 1953 Chen Geng prepared for Harbin military industry, but was stopped by the police in the street, then Harbin launched a crackdown

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As we all know, education is the foundation of a strong country and the foundation of a nation. No matter which dynasty in Chinese history, education must be a heavy matter.After entering the modern society, education is still a priority for all countries. After the founding of the People’s Republic of China, education has also been a priority in national development.Shortly after the founding of the republic of China, Chen Geng was ordered to prepare for the Construction of Harbin Military Industry, for which he just retired from the Korean battlefield soon he hurried to Harbin to deal with a series of issues concerning the newly established Harbin Military industry, but Chen Geng was held up by a police when he rushed to the municipal government by car, so that he was sent to the city police station.A grassroots police still have such a deep bureaucratic style, that the leadership of the whole City of Harbin how?Chen Geng did not take it to the city police station, but took it to the municipal government, and called the mayor Lu Qien, since then a severe storm began, Harbin has since a clean atmosphere.In June 1953, Chen Geng returned home from the War of Resistance to the United States and Assistance to Korea and prepared to serve as the president of Harbin Military Industry.On the way to the municipal government on the bus, Chen Geng closed his eyes to consider the HadJ related matters, but suddenly the car stopped, Chen Geng’s thoughts were therefore interrupted, Chen Geng thought that what had happened to the traffic accident, was preparing to ask, but found that it was a police stopped in front of the car.Without waiting for the driver and the security guard to ask, the policeman saw the car stopped, unthinkingly opened the door and sat in the back seat, and then ordered the driver to drive to the police station.The guard was about to scold, but Chen Geng motioned for the driver to continue driving to the municipal government.Interior atmosphere so weird, but pulled the police did not feel the slightest wrong, instead of west east to touch to touch in the car, saw this scene Chen Geng feel lose, so adept and comfortable attitude, visible pulled move in Harbin city is commonplace, a basic police still have such a profound bureaucracy, the senior leaders and how.Soon after, the car stopped, the police took a look, this is not the police station but the city government, a little meng he did not think, but shouted at the driver disorderly driving.But the people on the bus did not ignore him, Chen Geng instead asked the security guards to go to the municipal government building to call down Mayor Lu Qien.Before long, luqen, who was specizing, got downstairs and saw him, Chen Geng pointed to the roadside police highwayman and said: “This is your soldier, stopped my car on the road and let me send him to the police station, I directly sent to you.”Then walked forward, Lu Qien did not dare to stay, quickly followed Chen Geng, in situ only left the police who was afraid.Every effort to succeed was established from the new China was founded, China’s all all is in a state of the newborn, in this case, as the war came over many of the leaders in all deeply understand, to make a new Chinese real standing in the world, will implement the national defense modernization, China hit persons not on own initiative, but also can’t be beat.Although the new China was not long established, it still carried out the war of resisting the United States and assisting Korea with the United States. Although it won a victory in the war, the sophisticated modern equipment of the American army also shocked the leaders. In this case, it is extremely urgent to prepare a more regular, advanced and sophisticated military school.When to build the school first selected by who take the lead in the work, under the discussion of many leaders, finally agreed to graduate from the Huangpu Military Academy recommended by Li Yu, had founded the Red Army infantry school led by Chen Geng to build the school.After solving the problem of leaders, how to find enough excellent teachers and corresponding teaching equipment has become the biggest problem.At that time, professors were scarce in China, and professors related to engineering were the “treasure” of each university. However, it was impossible to build the university without these professors, so Chen Geng had to visit them one by one.For Chen Geng the deputy defense Minister’s arrival, the universities are welcome, but when learning its true purpose, they began to hide Chen Geng, the school construction work fell into a standstill for a time, so Chen Geng had to find another way.Finally, with the help of the Soviet Union and Premier Zhou, relevant teaching equipment and teachers were collected, and Harbin Military Academy was successfully established. In September 1953, the school opened and enrolled students as scheduled.At the beginning of the establishment of Harbin Military Industry, a wide variety of affairs, Chen Geng had to deal with a lot of things, so in the process of its work to the municipal government then appeared the previous scene.Mayor Lu Qien, after learning what happened, was also furious.At that time, China was carrying out a vigorous “three anti-graft” campaign (anti-corruption, anti-corruption and anti-bureaucracy). However, such an incident happened in Harbin, where Lu qien was in charge, which gave us a glimpse into the seriousness and depth of the city’s bureaucratic style.As a member of the Communist Party of China before the founding of the People’s Republic of China, lu qien, who had made great achievements in the Korean War, was naturally very angry at the bureaucratic style, so he decided to take the opportunity to clean up Harbin’s official circles in March 1953.Therefore, under the joint action of Lu Qien and Chen Geng, a rectification movement was launched in Harbin, and the “three Counter-actions” movement carried out by the state also came to a climax in Harbin.This movement made the officialdom of Harbin become one of the qing dynasty, and many people who had been in a position of being a simple meal fell from their posts, and many people who were full of wisdom but failed to achieve their ambition became rich.In addition, the general purge also makes hadJ have a better development of soil, it is thanks to the efforts of General Chen Geng, the new HadJ can really take root here, and ushered in a vigorous development since then.Summary: It is not easy to establish a school, no matter what type of school it is, in today’s society, not to mention the new China at that time.The educational cause of new China was built step by step by step in ruins by our forefathers, which led to the present complete educational system of China.Although due to the development of late, coupled with the influence of the problems left over by history, the strength of the cause of China’s education, there is still a gap with the world’s top level, but is still very great, it is because of the establishment of a complete education system, is effective to cultivate a batch of and a group of outstanding talents, can better help to carry on the socialist construction, and then, in turn, feedback education career.