Xidian University (XIDIAN) has released its recruitment guidelines for art major in 2022

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Xidian University is a national key university focusing on information and electronics with coordinated development of engineering, science, management and liberal arts. It is directly under the Ministry of Education.It is one of the national “double first-class” universities, one of the national Entrepreneurship and innovation Demonstration bases, one of the first 35 demonstration software colleges, the first 9 demonstration microelectronics colleges, the first 9 approved training bases for integrated circuit talents and the first demonstration projects of the construction of first-class network security colleges.In 2022, 35 students from Shaanxi, Shanxi, Hebei, Henan, Hunan and Jiangsu provinces will be enrolled for the major of “Recording Art”.The specific provincial plan is subject to the enrollment plan published by the provincial enrollment authorities.According to the relevant provisions of the national charge standard for art majors, the tuition standard for art students in our school in 2022 is 15,400 yuan per academic year.In accordance with the spirit of the notice of the Ministry of Education on the Art Enrollment Measures of ordinary institutions of higher Learning and the specific situation of our university, there will be no professional school examination for art major enrollment in 2022.Candidates are required to participate in the professional unified examination (musicology) and the national unified college entrance examination according to the relevant regulations of the provincial admission examination institution.According to the provincial situation, our school to get the arts (music) related provincial exam (examination) certificate, and in 2022 the ordinary university admissions test registration conditions of the arts (music), examinee can enter oneself for an examination, including child province unified examination in hebei province and henan province for instrumental music class requirements, in shaanxi province for recording arts (A3),The specific requirements of other provinces shall be subject to the announcement of the departments in charge of student recruitment.Applicants must pass the unified examination (joint examination) of art majors in their provinces, and obtain the qualification certificate. Their scores of cultural courses in the college entrance examination (including additional points for policy) must meet the admission control line of the same batch of art majors in their provinces.If the province where the examinee resides has not delimited the control line of art admission, the relevant provisions of the Ministry of Education shall be followed.1. Candidates from Shaanxi province and Jiangsu Province will be admitted on the premise that their scores of cultural courses reach the admission control line of the same batch.2. Candidates from Shanxi Province and Henan Province will be selected based on their academic performance in the college entrance examination after passing the provincial standards.3. On the premise that the scores of cultural courses and professional unified examination in Hebei province both reach the same batch admission control line, students will be selected based on their comprehensive scores (comprehensive scores = total scores of cultural courses in college entrance examination (including policy bonus points) ×0.3+ (professional scores ÷ professional full marks) ×750×0.7).4. Provinces with fixed filing and admission rules shall follow the requirements of the corresponding provinces.In the process of implementation, if there is any inconsistency with the enrollment policies of the Ministry of Education and the provinces, the enrollment policies of the Ministry of Education and the provinces shall prevail.Note: During the admission period, if the provincial enrollment plan is not completed, our university will not lower the minimum admission control score set by the province to complete the enrollment plan.The school will retest the major of new students after they enter the school.Special investigation will be organized for candidates who fail to pass the retest and have significant differences in test results after admission.Ascertained that the university, and an impostor in their stead, illegal violations, such as cancelling the student admission, not electronic student status registration, notify the examinee provincial admission examination institutions check accountability, and depending on the seriousness to give pause to participate in all kinds of national education examination 1 ~ 3 years of processing Suggestions, criminal crime, will be held accountable in accordance with the relevant regulations.The undergraduate Admission Office of Xidian University reserves the right to interpret this brochure.In the process of implementation, if the relevant policies of the Ministry of Education and provincial art majors are adjusted, they will be implemented according to the latest policies.This work does not entrust any other institution or individual to engage in the recruitment work, relevant examination training or provide admission intermediary services.