ARGIDAE GIRL three-leafed bee machine three-leafed 1/12 hand made

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The ARGIDAE GIRL Bee-04R Three Leaves, a 1/12 scale moveable finished product, will be unveiled by Chinese brand Huizhi Studio, which specializes in original moveable models of the robot, after the design of “Huizhi Paste” based on Japanese artist MOGUMO (モグモ) ‘s charming Wasp.The reference price is 528 yuan and is expected to be released in 2022.MOGUMO (モグモ), a cutting-edge Japanese illustrator who is good at combining cute and beautiful girls with animals, has cooperated with China Snail Shell Studio to three-dimensional “three leaves”, which are referred to as blue turquoise wasp and rhododendron trilobal wasp.ARGIDAE GIRL Bee-04R Three-leaf is a 1/12 scale moveable finish that looks both dreamy and toxic!With blue, purple, purple and purple gradual color to restore the illustration full of charm tone, and wear a combination of mechanical structure of the bee equipment, the huge bee abdomen and thin wings are carefully reproduced behind!The ARGIDAE GIRL Bee-04R three-leaf is 16.5 cm high, with wings made of a special transparent material that is flexible and transparent, and painted with a light color to achieve rich reflective effect.Like wearing black honey thigh also pay attention to special treatment, perfect presentation of the original illustration in the full sense of luster!In addition, there are mask wearing, smile and playful tongue blink three replacement emoticons, there are movable and adjustable eyes!ARGIDAE GIRL BEE-04R three-leaf 1/12 scale size: about 16.5cm high Material: PVC/ABS/POM528 RMB (pre-order price) Expected release date: 2022 Zayjun comments: This is really very good, interested big guy can consider it