Building a new “engine” to speed up “going Global”

2022-07-11 0 By

A few days ago, the headquarters of the construction of the new western Land-Sea Corridor in the Autonomous region issued a notice, praising the typical highlights of the work of promoting the new western land-sea corridor in 2021.The city has been praised for promoting a number of infrastructure construction, promoting the opening of the “Liuzhou-Moscow” cross-border direct freight train in Guangxi for the first time, promoting the integrated development of the channel and industries, and facilitating the “Guangxi goods to Go to Guangxi Port”.”This means that the city has achieved remarkable results in actively promoting the construction of a new land-sea corridor in the west, and has been recognized by the autonomous region for its active responsibility, active action, precise policy implementation and solid work.”City development and reform commission deputy director GUI GUI said.As an inland city with no coastal or border areas, Zhuhai is speeding up its pace of “going global” — focusing on project construction, it will make efforts in transportation infrastructure, logistics facilities, business environment, production capacity cooperation and other aspects, accelerate the construction of new land and sea passages in western China, and accelerate the cultivation of new advantages in inland opening-up.With the help of the construction of new land and sea passages in the west, Zhuhai is deepening opening-up and cooperation, actively integrating into and serving the new development pattern.In January this year, the first “Liuzhou-Moscow” China-Europe freight train of 2022 was launched, carrying 50 containers of Liugong construction machinery products to the European market, “Made in Liuzhou”.”In 2021, the company saved more than 20 million yuan in logistics costs through the China-Europe train service.””Said Chen Guandu, senior logistics specialist of Guangxi Liugong Machinery Co.,Ltd.It is reported that since the opening of the Liuzhou-Moscow China-Europe freight train, this is the ninth china-Europe freight train departing from Liuzhou. Last year, the total value of exported products of Enterprises in Liuzhou was 158 million yuan, and the freight volume was 5,527.25 tons.”Our city is also actively promoting the encrypted operation of China-Europe freight trains, so that more liuzhou enterprises and products can go abroad.”GuiGui said.During the 14th Five-year Plan period, zhuhai will focus on speeding up the construction of transportation infrastructure and logistics facilities such as railway, highway and aviation to meet the freight demand of new land and sea passages in western China.Now, which to liuzhou section of jiaozuo-liuzhou railway electrification transformation highway to nanning, guilin, liuzhou economic cooperation mountain to liucheng putting-in-service proactively, highways built (liuzhou), liuzhou liuzhou to wuzhou railway hub capacity, abatis to qinzhou port road reconstruction project (abatis to fish peak period, liuzhou to gangbei section), liuzhou highway GuoJingXian (via liucheng to luo abatis segment) and other construction,A number of infrastructure projects have been successfully completed, creating a new “engine” for opening up to the outside world, which has become the key for Liuzhou to speed up the construction of the new western land-sea corridor.It is worth mentioning that Liuzhou production and service national logistics hub was included in the first 25 national logistics hub construction list of the “14th Five-year Plan”.In order to further optimize the business environment of the new land-sea corridor in western China, Zhuhai has also vigorously implemented a series of business-friendly measures, such as two-step declaration, paperless declaration and integration of multiple certificates, to simplify customs clearance procedures, and the application rate of “single window” has reached 100%.Export enterprises also enjoy the efficient service of “passing the examination in seconds” and completing the visa process without leaving home, which reduces costs and burdens through “one-bite application”.