A piece of red paper a pair of scissors cut thick flavor

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The current politics hot folk culture | | | | | people’s livelihood news | tourism paper-cut as a traditional Chinese folk arts, enthusiastic red and exquisite hollow out modelling, festive foil the festive atmosphere.In the studio of Qi Xichun, the inheritor of datong county’s intangible cultural heritage, she used a piece of paper and a pair of scissors to cut out the joy of spring and the taste of New Year.Walking into xichun craftsman innovation studio, the room is full of paper-cut works, including scenery, figures and this year’s zodiac “tiger” themed paper-cut works.Qi Xichun is busy creating, her hands dexterously dancing, soon, a “tiger head tiger brain” paper-cut works presented in front, cut out the tiger Tiger New Year flavor.Qi Xichun is the inheritor of intangible cultural heritage of our county. He is also the second-level folk craftsman of Qinghai Province, the director of the professional committee of Paper-cut of The Association of Folk Writers and artists of Qinghai Province, and the master of Chinese paper-cut.She has been obsessed with paper-cut art since childhood. Her paper-cut works combine the traditional paper-cut language symbols with the cultural characteristics of Hehuang area, and are rich in content. Paper-cut works have been exhibited in various national competitions.Paper cutting is more of a preliminary conception and creative, how to play it ordinary red paper pattern to, is the theme of QiXiChun years studying, because pay attention to culture, QiXiChun saw more in the paper-cutting art of the Chinese traditional culture, can be seen in her paper-cut creation of Chinese painting, Chinese calligraphy, moire, ruyi grain, traditional culture,These unique Elements of Chinese culture.In order to pass on paper-cutting skills, Qi xichun not only teaches paper-cutting skills to people around him, but also actively participates in paper-cutting exhibitions and other activities such as making intangible cultural heritage into the campus, encouraging more people to learn and inherit paper-cutting skills.Qi Xichun, inheritor of datong County intangible cultural Heritage, said, “The smaller the thing is, the more difficult it is. There are a lot of pictures and pictures to be used. For example, bean sprout lines should be used on the wings of butterflies to outline their small wings or large wings, and then serrate lines should be used to dress up the furry effect.A plum blossom grain or water drop grain can also be cut on the big wings to show this aura of the butterfly with it.At ordinary times, I not only need to learn traditional patterns, but also learn more techniques to keep pace with The Times, so as to creatively apply them to my design drawings for creation and make them glow with new charm.In the future, it will also drive more people around to understand and learn paper-cutting, inherit and carry forward this skill.”Source: Datong Rong Media Center reporter: Hou Tonglong, Guo Wancai editor: Bao Jihao, Liu Guiying, Zhao Guojun review: Zheng Mingshan Statement: the copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through email, we will promptly deal with.Email address: jpbl@jp.jiupainews.com