The National football team lost Vietnam, is suspected that there are players playing football, Fan Zhiyi voice, Li Xiaopeng face can not hold

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On February 3, Beijing time, when the National football team was on its way back to China, many fans began to suspect that some players were involved in match-fixing during the 3-1 defeat to Vietnam on the Internet.Therefore, some fans asked the Football association to establish relevant departments to investigate the players involved.Li Xiaopeng coached two games all lost, and losing to Vietnam team is the bottom line that the National football team can not lose.This is also I mentioned before the early Li Xiaopeng and close coaching ability, li3 tie3 Li Xiaopeng hastily took over the team’s head coach doesn’t change the team’s predicament, to put it bluntly, is to “pan” fa short time to find the boss, Li Xiaopeng two games in a statement to the media after the game: is all your own responsibility.Especially after losing to Vietnam team, Li Xiaopeng also said he was sorry, sorry national football team members, sorry fans, the score can not accept.Voluntarily took Li Xiaopeng doesn’t make fans heart discontent, the team’s play is so poor, Asian a buoyant force of the Vietnam team play no strike back, even before the international fan4 zhi4 yi4 post again said the team’s or want to consider, from the young players will give more opportunities with some young players, the so-called reshuffle.For some of the young players in China to play some quality games, our team needs more spirit.When you wear the national shirt, you have to have a sense of mission.The whole team should be trained for a period, so that the players can run in and show themselves more.Fan zhiyi added: Football knows no borders.Football needs not only a sense of ritual, but also cohesion and a spirit of inheritance.If our domestic youth work, when some young players just know how to treat winning and losing rationally, let them know that winning is the goal, losing to accept the process, will enjoy.If this is the meaning of football, then these young players are not in their position and Chinese football is really over.Therefore, Fan Zhiyi’s attitude is very clear, hoping to start from a small environment, to make some changes, so as to put Chinese football back on track.National football team against Vietnam’s game, Vietnam played a wonderful team with.Every time the forward attack can bring a deadly threat to the National football team, the national football team’s defensive line is poor to people’s surprise, Wang Shenchao and Zhang Linpeng two wing players look at defense.Only look at the ball, not the man.Let the fans down.In particular, Wang was fouled by a first-half penalty from a cross in the penalty area by Japanese striker Junya ITO, which disrupted China’s early rhythm.With three goals conceded in two games, all involving Mr. Wang, it is no wonder that some of the Chinese team’s players seem to have been involved in match-fixing.Li Xiaopeng’s employment is debatable, but after the game to block the blame to the players “whitewash”, to the FOOTBALL association “gun”, this will only harm the national football team.So I personally support Fan Zhiyi to completely reshuffle the national football team with an average age of nearly 30.Chinese football can not be divided into “you and me”!Whoever plays well, coached well, managed well, deserves to go on the big stage.