2020 model 21 Mercedes GLE450 modified 23P driver assistance, adaptive cruise automatic lane change complete

2022-07-06 0 By

With each passing day, there are more and more vehicles on the road, and the road is more and more complex. With the addition of 23P intelligent driving assistance system, you can give a great boost to the tired driving whether on the city road or on the highway. Intelligent driving assistance and warning remind can greatly reduce the occurrence of accidents and ensure the safety of people and vehicles.As for the intelligent driving assistance system, from the early cruise control and ACC adaptive cruise to the current intelligent driving assistance system (23P for short), the progress of science and technology also makes the driving safety better optimized and sublimated.23P driver assistance system is the nine safety assistance system of Benz collectively!1. Enhanced intelligent piloting range 2. Collision reduction braking intervention 3.Active route deviation warning system 5. Rear collision warning and protection system 6. Enhanced range control system lateral support 7.Enhanced brake assist system 8. Enhanced brake assist system for traffic at intersections 9. Autonomous brake intervention/warning for pedestrian protection