Check out the advantages and features of various mobile phone brands, which one do you like best?

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Today we take stock of the advantages and characteristics of the major mobile phone brands.Apple’s iOS system is recognized as safe, stable and smooth.In addition, Apple’s ecosystem can be connected to multiple devices, both office and life are very convenient!Huawei’s advantage is communication technology and self-developed chips, although the situation is now a little difficult, but hold on to the past, after all, the technology research and development strength is still some!Samsung, as the world’s top mobile phone screen supplier, has always adopted the best screen for its flagship phone, which is unmatched by any other mobile phone manufacturer!Xiaomi’s advantage used to be MIUI, now is Lei Jun and cost performance, you can black xiaomi but absolutely can’t black Lei Jun!I have to say that OPPO has done a good job of co-branding, the mid-range product line is more suitable for female users, Find X series debut peak!Vivo in the image basically belongs to the first echelon of Android phones, and Zeiss co-name, support micro yuntai shake, in the image of the effort is really a lot!As the flagship cost-effective brand, Red rice product line is clear, basically every product bought will not step on the pit!Almost every flagship is worthy of the king of cost performance!IQOO — cost performance and Song Thigh iQOO design language is full of continuity, such as the flagship series of sports car track style, Neo series is very cost-effective!In addition, product manager Song Ziwei, nicknamed “Song Thighs” by Internet users, is also a beautiful scene in the mobile phone industry.⑨ RealMe — Inheritor of cost-effective method RealMe series can be regarded as the inheritor of cost-effective method. The cost performance of RealMe series is no less than that of Redmi phones, and even higher than that of iQOO phones!Using the upgraded version of the machine sea tactics, is too many models too messy.The OnePlus phone is known as “no compromise”, and the configuration parameters must be filled up. Although the configuration of the flagship phone has obviously felt a little compromise in the past two years, it is still full of sincerity.For meizu, as a small factory in Zhuhai, to persist until now, we can only say that Meizu is great!All kinds of online voting has never lost, but unfortunately mobile phone sales have never won!Ok, those are the advantages and features of each mobile phone brand. What else do you think?Leave a comment in the comments section