On the tenth day of the lunar New Year, Liu Jiapu will see the lights and stroll the intangible cultural heritage street

2022-06-20 0 By

In the first month, the year of the Tiger.Liu Jiapu intangible Cultural Heritage Street in Taiyuan, Shanxi Province, is happy and peaceful. The intangible cultural heritage “See the beginning of ceramics” shop actually has the winter Olympics mascot: Ice mound snow rong Rong.We are going to order the ice block snow rong rong will be released, and then the finished products will be shown to you!Here came a lot of children, they made ice dun dun snow rong rong, some in the drawing and some in the pinch modeling, favorite cup on the pot of ice Dun dun dun after burning can take home, to commemorate the 2022 Winter Olympic Year, this is a meaningful thing.In the year of the tiger, I saw the neatly placed blue porcelain tiger tea ornaments, which looked very lovely!Just catch up with liujiapu prosperous in the first month, there is a lantern show, skiing, snacks, a land boat, there are performances, there are huamo exhibition……Brilliant lights, red lights decorated street scene is very beautiful festival.Parents can watch shehuo shopping, and children can make handmade ceramic works by drawing pictures in “Jianchu Ceramics”.Shopping will be tired, the owner asks you to come in to rest and drink a cup of hot tea, see the children do their own handwork seriously.