During the Spring Festival Lee Hsien Sheng worship Hunan dish sowing ten thousand miles of wang Min as a teacher

2022-06-20 0 By

During the Spring Festival of 2022, according to the hunan spread of thousands of miles of office said, Li Xiansheng worship Hunan spread of thousands of miles of commander-in-chief, Hong Kong chef catering Association hunan President, Hunan Huangpu Military Academy coach Wang Min as a teacher, Wang Min master readily accepted and express teacher plaque to Li Xiansheng disciples.Lee Hsien Sheng has made outstanding contributions to the promotion of Chinese cuisine and the inheritance of skills. It is understood that Lee Hsien Sheng is now living in Changsha. He has been liu Zhishi’s teacher and studied under the name of his master Shi Yinxiang for one year, during which he served as a chef in a number of restaurants in Beijing.Around 2010, I worked in a hotel in Tongliao city, Inner Mongolia as chef, store manager, company deputy general manager and executive deputy general manager.In early 2014, I returned to my hometown to start my own business.Later, Lee hsien Sheng and Wang Min will discuss new ideas for the development of the catering industry and share resources for development.