The original Mercedes owners truly share, after many test drive comparison, with C200 L for ideal ONE

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Many people may find it incomprehensible to trade a Mercedes for a chinese-made car costing more than 300,000 yuan, but in my opinion, it is nothing. After all, chinese-made cars are really cheap and fine.My Mercedes C200 L has not been in operation for a few years. The reason why I want to sell it and replace it with the Ideal ONE is that my family welcomed the second child. According to the traditional travel logic, the five-seat car is no longer enough.In fact, before choosing the ideal ONE, I was more optimistic about the XT6, Tuan and other models at almost the same price point. As for XC90 and Lincoln Aviator, it is good to think about, after all, the money is not that much.I had a test drive of Tuan and it felt good, but the bad thing was that I had to wait for the car with six seats, but I didn’t want to wait, so I simply went to see XT6. After three test drives, the chassis was too solid and luxurious, and the four-wheel drive luxury landing price was also acceptable, so I always took XT6 as the main model to buy.Later, WHEN I saw the ideal sentence “creating a mobile home”, I felt very friendly, so WHEN I was shopping in the mall with my wife and children on a weekend, I dropped in to see ONE, which seemed to be hooked by something at the sight. The salesman was also a smart man and immediately arranged a test drive.Have to say, the ideal is really good to open, the car is quiet, the wife in the back of the baby is also more convenient.After returning home we did not hurry to make up our mind, the wife also went to drive a circle, she is also more like, let me directly under the order of the car.After seven weeks of waiting, we managed to get a car.The choice is gray, because it looks expensive, pick up the car that day there is a big red flower, but unfortunately did not send a gift.Personally, I like the front face of the Ideal ONE. The middle net is very big, and the front end is tall and looks domineer.There is an LED light belt on the top of the net, which will light up from left to right when unlocking the vehicle, quite ceremonial.The ideal ONE side is the same as ordinary SUV, nothing special, wheel hub I choose is sports two-color wheel hub, but my wife prefers luxury two-color wheel hub, then let the eldest son choose, he chose the sports wheel hub, as expected, the son with dad ha ha ha.The left side is the refueling port. When I saw the lid, I wondered, isn’t the ideal ONE an electric car?How can there be a refueling port? Later, I remembered what the sales told me, the car can be refueled when the battery is low, and the car can run for thousands of kilometers.For example, when we went back to our hometown this Spring Festival, we always ran on oil because there was no charging pile in the remote area, and occasionally we could recycle and store some electricity.As for the fuel consumption, it is more than 9, I think it is acceptable, after all, the ideal size is here.With the help of a lot of lines, I think the rear of the ideal ONE is very wide and stocky, which makes me feel more secure.And the taillight style is also more beautiful, there is also LED lamp group, brightness and recognition are quite high.For the interior, we chose a white one, because I felt brown looked a little too “tacky”, while white looked warm and refreshing.But the fly in the ointment is that the white stain resistance is not good, fortunately its white area is leather, take a cloth to wipe it.This is the interior of the car that night when we went out to eat hot pot, waiting for the traffic lights, the four large screens look very technological, isn’t it?Some people may ask if they shake their eyes, but you can tell them clearly that they do not shake, and their brightness at night is not as bright as during the day.What I like most about the Ideal ONE is its seats, with heating, massage and ventilation in the front, and a headrest. The back seats also have heating and massage functions, as well as electric adjustment.I also like the fact that every seat in the back of the ideal ONE has a child seat port.The only downside is that when I’m out driving with my friends, my car becomes a nanny’s car.As for the power, I felt the Ideal ONE was more powerful to drive than the previous XT6, and later compared the data to find that the motor power of the Ideal ONE translated into more than 300 horsepower, while the XT6 was only more than 230.In addition, the Ideal ONE has many driver-assistance features, such as adaptive cruise at full speed, which I can use at high speeds because it keeps my right foot off the switch and makes long-distance runs less tiring.However, what impressed me most was the active braking of ideal ONE. I was talking with my friends on the way and almost rear-ended the car in front.Fortunately, the ideal ONE timely active brake stopped, although the speed was not fast, estimated to be 40, but more than 300,000 car touch is still very distressed.Later, I heard in the circle that the AEB active braking performance of Ideal ONE ranked the first, which made me more convinced that my original choice was not wrong.Conclusion: Since the replacement of ideal ONE, this car has indeed brought great convenience to our travel. Now, we do not need to take our parents out to play in holidays in batches.The ideal ONE also has comfortable seats, which parents are happy with.Of course, what I like most is its safety. When driving, it is inevitable to encounter sloppy moments. Considering the AEB active brake of ONE, people can feel relieved.