Original god: it’s 2022, why haven’t black Rock Factory and Dragon Palace been built?Because there are too many secrets

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Layer Rock Abyss finally online, after the story, players suddenly found that layer rock Abyss map is probably not updated.Zhiqiong mysteriously disappeared, originally thought to have died, but from the letter she left, she is actually to explore a new map for us to go.This is not nonsense, in fact, until now, the People of Hyrimoon may not know about this place where Traveler fights the BOSS.Because the map of Layer Rock Juyuan only marks the fluorescent narrow passage, further southwest, there is clearly a large area, but there is no text marks, that is to say, this area is actually explored by Zhiqiong for us.Long ago, the planners said that Hyrimoon was the largest kingdom in all of Tiwat.Combined with the photos leaked by someone unknown, there are still several places left to watch.Before the plot frequently mentioned qiao Ying Zhuang, black rock factory and other places, is likely to be located in these places, in addition, there is a place named Dragon Palace specific where, is not known.So the question is, now it’s 2022, why haven’t blackrock and other sites come out?Try extrapolating from inside and outside the game.Guess from outside the game, probably the original god is too popular, popular all over the world, so the story must be set up well enough.But as a game developed by Chinese, Hyalmoon is bigger and more reasonable.There is a good chance that the designers have changed the script, and for this reason, the original version has been jumped from 1.6 to 2.0.The three versions most likely skipped are Layer Rock, Black Rock factory, and Dragon Palace.They originally released rice Wife after hyaluron as usual, but for various reasons, they jumped to version 2.0.Stratospheric caverns have appeared in the 2.0 era, but they are not finished yet.As for blackrock and Ryugu, they will probably come in 3.0 and 4.0 respectively.From the game’s guess, layer rock, black Rock factory and dragon palace have too many tiwatt secrets.The relationship between the dragon Palace and haigion Island is very close, according to Kirivashe, because haigion Island has a distinct dragon palace style and its name is Coral Palace.Coral King worm for Orobas’s family, is the ancient god, but the story of the seven dragon king has not fully unfolded.Since it is the dragon king, probability and dragon palace has a close relationship.When the Dragon palace makes its appearance, the secrets of Tiwat will be revealed.And in order to know the history of the Dragon Palace, one must have an old man who is old enough.It was Morax, and he was too old for that.Of the seven gods involved in the battle of Canria, only Babatos and Morax exist to this day.But Wendy was so young, two or three thousand years old, that she must have been a few hundred years old at the time of the war.Morax, on the other hand, is six thousand years old.Experienced the fairy war, The War of Canria, the war of demons, the falling star, etc., can be said to be the living fossil of Tiwat.Dragon Palace and other places have not been released, most likely because there are too many tiwat secrets involved, and they will only be updated after the seven kingdoms appear one after another.Why do you think the Dragon Palace has not been out?Let us know in the comments section.