Hubei Health Culture Promotion Association established “Chuxiang and Healthy Life Expert Committee”

2022-06-19 0 By

Workers’ Daily client news reporter Zhang Chong correspondent Gao Meng “a word of chu song yi xiang”, a few days ago, in the warm spring in Hubei province health culture promotion association “Chu Xiang and healthy life expert committee” was formally established, advocate people healthy life, enjoy cultural influence in healthy life.Zhang Tao, president of Hubei Health Promotion Association, issued the letter of appointment to more than 30 experts and scholars from the province’s health culture research, Chu culture and Chu-xiang culture research, healthy life promotion, and held the first expert symposium.Director of the expert committee, Chu culture scholar Liu Yutang introduced, Chu incense is an important intangible cultural heritage of Hubei province, a song of Chu is always fragrant, since ancient times, incense and people’s healthy life has a close relationship.ChuXiang and healthy living branch of work tasks is organizing the entire province mainly about health experts, experts and scholars ChuXiang culture, medical health professionals in regular health culture, health, life, health industry and ChuXiang learning communication and healthy life, work, communication, promote healthy culture, health, life, health industry new development idea, the new formats, etc.,Promote healthy culture, healthy life, healthy industry exchange and interaction, for healthy Hubei, people healthy life service.Chen Guisheng, vice president of Hubei Health promotion Association, told reporters that the establishment of chu Xiang and healthy life special committee is very important and meaningful, is the organic combination of healthy culture and healthy life positive attempt to guide everyone to enjoy the influence of culture in a healthy life, spread culture in a healthy life, inherit culture.