Implementation of tobacco control actions to promote the construction of civilized cities

2022-06-18 0 By

In recent days, the county health commission health office organized staff to go deep into the county people’s hospital, Xiangjiang International Hotel and other public places, to carry out tobacco control supervision and inspection, solid promotion of civilization to create in-depth work.The reporter followed the staff to the people’s Hospital, in the hospital waiting area, maternal and child room, elevator and other public places have posted signs banning smoking.At the same time, the county people’s hospital has also set up a smoking cessation clinic, and in the waiting area to issue a smoking cessation brochure, popularization of tobacco harm knowledge, the use of health promotion column to improve the public’s understanding of the harm of smoking.In addition, the hospital also set up a separate smoking area, and equipped with security guards, cleaners composed of tobacco control persuaders, in the hospital outpatient hall, corridors, corridors and other places to persuade smokers.In The Xiangjiang International Hotel, the staff of the indoor public places of the non-smoking signs posted and the hotel lobby, elevator, toilet, corridor, staircase, entrance and other areas of tobacco control situation inspection, found that these places are in good condition, no cigarette butts exist.According to county health care office related personnel, the special inspection to further improve the public place operators of tobacco control responsibility consciousness, guide citizens to consciously abide by the provisions of tobacco control, enhance health awareness, advocate a healthy lifestyle.The NHC will strengthen supervision, inspection and publicity, issue rectification notices to public places where tobacco control work is not in place, and set a deadline for rectification and implementation of relevant measures to ensure the implementation of tobacco control work in public places.In accordance with the requirements of building a civilized city, the NHC has actively carried out tobacco control work in public places, formulated plans and clarified the responsibilities of all units and departments, so as to fully cover the supervision and management of tobacco control in public places.County civilization office, health office of public places for tobacco control spot check, on-site guidance, supervision and rectification.At the same time, it has also strengthened the construction of smoke-free Party and government institutions, giving full play to the exemplary and leading role of party members and cadres, with the coverage rate of smoke-free Party and government institutions reaching 60 percent at present.In the next step, publicity and guidance will be further strengthened to create a good atmosphere for smoking control in public places in the whole society and implement long-term management to promote the continuous improvement of tobacco control in public places in Xuyi County.(Du Xinyue, Rong Media reporter) (Source: xuyi County People’s Government website)