Double color ball 010 history of the same red ball hot 08, blue ball small hot out

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The results of the drawing for the bichromatic 22009 were 04, 15, 17, 19, 25, 28+16.Four out of three out of one, one out of two, and one out of three out of zero.The three-ward ratio is 1:3:2.Leave a set of 15 and 25 with the tail number.Dragon head and tail are all 1 except 3.The blue ball is a big 16.Recently, red ball except 3 more than 1 hot, except 3 more than 0, 2 overall less, the three zones of the interval ratio fluctuates.The small blue ball is cold, and the large one is getting hot.Next period divided by 3 more than 0, 2 will rebound?Will the basketball tuba open again?Take a look at the historical trend of 010 bichromatic spheres, perhaps to our selection of some help.010 bichromatic ball in the same period of history, dragon tail: dragon except 3 more than 0 out of four times, except 3 more than 1 out of nine times, except 3 more than 2 out of six times.Bibcock heat no. 01, 7 departures in total.Fengwei divided by 3 more than 0 out eight times, divided by 3 more than 1 out five times, divided by 3 more than 2 out six times.Fengwei Heat No. 33, three times in total.Heat number of each zone :(the number used for five times or more) heat number of each zone is 01, 03, 08 and 11 respectively.01 appeared seven times, 03 five times, 08 ten times and 11 six times.The heat codes of the two zones are 17 and 19 respectively.Six of 17 and eight of 19.No red ball number appears more than five times in the third division.The 3-zone ratio in the same period: 3:2:1 occurs twice.3:1:2 appears four times.2:2:2 appears three times.2:3:1 appears three times.Skewness ratio 3:3:0, 2:4:0, 5:0:1 each, and other combinations ratio each.In the same period, the numbers 01 to 10 were kicked out fourteen times, and 11 to 16 were kicked out five times.Nine composite blue shots, ten prime blue shots.Blue ball heat number 09.During the same period, the blue number is more frequent in the area between 05 and 10.010 history of the same period of blue ball top five: 09 (3 times), 13, 08, 05, 02 (2 times each).Blue ball 04, 14 and 16 never showed up.According to the analysis of the historical data of the 010 phase of bichromatic ball in the same period, the red ball leading of the 22010 phase of bichromatic ball pays attention to except 3 yu 1, and the phoenix tail pays attention to except 3 yu 0.In the same period, red ball heat no. 01, 03, 08, 11, 17 and 19 appeared in 22010.22010 Bichromatic sphere interval ratio focus 3:1:2, 2:1:3, 2:2:2.Focus on blue balls between 05 and 10 in 22010, large blue balls may rest for a period or two.The issue 22010 of the bicolor prime blubber can be of great concern.The above contents are personal views, careful reference.