Always not confident how to do?6 ways to Be a Confident and optimistic Person

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Small Yang first ask you a question: do you feel confident?I ask because I am a rather insecure person.To what extent?Put it this way!After working for 8 years, I’m still afraid to speak in public.When I have to speak in front of a lot of people, I get nervous and can’t eat or sleep well.Sometimes, oneself obviously prepare very fully, is because nervous, not confident, play abnormal.Because of lack of confidence, often missed opportunities.I often vow to overcome my lack of confidence, but it often backfires.To this day, “confidence” is still a problem for me.It is also because of sensitivity, often think of ways, I found some can enhance self-confidence.In life, I also found that there are not many truly confident people, many people have varying degrees of “not confident”.So, I put these “unique secrets” summed up, I hope to help you.1️ one who is away from “negative energy” is easily affected by the environment, surrounded by pessimistic people, it is difficult to be confident.On the other hand, it’s hard to stay in a corner all day if you’re surrounded by confident people.I have such a friend, she is a primary school teacher.When talking to her, I always feel like a “garbage can” : complaining about tired work, difficult students, narrow-minded leaders, difficult mother-in-law and unreliable husband.Every time I’m with her, I always feel negative.I often hear her complain, but I never see her take action to change.Listening to her words, I felt that the world was full of unfairness and traps. It seemed to be wise to protect oneself and to be a turtle is the best principle of life.Living with such a person for a long time, it is inevitable that you will become frustrated, lack of confidence, frustrated.So the first step to becoming more positive is to stay away from negative friends.2️ Communication with Positive People When I was in high school, I used to live in an ordinary class and was lucky to go to the so-called top class.Come to think of it, the difference between a top class and a regular class is not that great.The most fundamental difference is that the learning atmosphere is different: ordinary classes are more “problem students”, everyone’s mind is not in learning, good students stay for a long time, will feel learning boring;And the top class are positive and motivated good students, learning atmosphere is strong.Even students who study poorly will be infected and gradually develop good study habits.As the saying goes, surround yourself with the people you want to be.If you want to have the temperament of an eagle, you can never learn it by staying with a chicken. Only by coming to the side of an eagle can you learn the temperament of a king.The same goes for people. Surround yourself with friends who are confident and optimistic.3️ replacing negative and pessimistic words with positive words some talk too much, forming suggestion in the mind and ultimately affecting our self-confidence and our actions.For example, some friends, when taking on a challenge, always say, “I’ll try!In fact, when he said “try”, he implied that he would not succeed at this task.Because to “try” means to have an exit plan in mind, to be scared away by difficulties at any time, to be just dabbling, to not try your best.If you really want to do something well, you should say, “With all your might.”As you can see, when you say “try,” your brain’s first instinct is to get out of trouble, and our brains are the best at laziness.When you say “do your best,” you are trying to figure out a way to overcome the difficulty, because there is no turning back.So stop using pessimistic, ambiguous words like “I can’t, I won’t” and replace them with positive words like “I can, I learn.”Over time, our mentality will become positive and enterprising, and people will become confident.4️ regular sports, increase life vitality everyone has such experience: when feeling low, about a few friends to play a ball game, or run.When you’re working up a sweat, pessimism seems to dissipate.After exercise, the mood is happy, the self-confidence is enhanced, even work more energetic.No wonder people say that sports can not only strengthen the body, but also enhance self-confidence.5️ reading celebrity biographies, let cattle people’s strong gas field infection oneself in recent days, I read “Chu Shijian biography”, deeply moved.Chu shijian started his business again at the age of 70. He planted oranges in barren mountains and created his personal brand “Chu Orange” at the age of 80.The author described one detail in the book: when she communicated with chu Lao, who was nearly 90 years old, she often talked about the next five or ten years.After reading, let a person very moving.After reading many biographies of these great people, the “difficulties” we encountered seem to be nothing to worry about.Therefore, it is good to read more biographies of famous people. It can broaden our minds and make us see ourselves in a higher and more distant position.6️ writing success diary read “puppy money money”, the book repeatedly stressed to write success diary, is to record today the most successful a few things.I didn’t pay attention at first, but now I think: we need to keep a success diary in our daily life as well as in financial management.Remembering successes every day is like mentally reliving the feeling of success over and over again, which is too important for a self-confident person.Most of the time, our self-esteem is low. We have so few successes and so many failures that we often forget that we can do so many things well.To keep a success diary is to experience the feeling of success over and over again, to remember this feeling and to believe in yourself.Write in the last great man MAO Zedong said: confident life 200 years, will be when the water three thousand li.It shows how important self-confidence is to a person.Like sing a song: want to fly to heaven, and the sun shoulder to shoulder the world do you want to be waiting for me to change the dream from are not afraid to see here I can laugh loudly Side by side where I can’t let you endless happiness despite the troubles bravely step forward I stood in the middle of the stage, I believe that I am who I am I believe tomorrow I believe youth is no horizon…That’s all for today’s sharing. 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