Tiger year how to discover from annual report good low stock “tiger tiger unripe power”

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Su Yu so-called “tiger tiger shengwei” stocks, that is, in the year of the tiger can outperform the market stocks.Rodin, the world master of sculpture and aesthetician, said: There is no lack of beauty in life, but lack of eyes to find beauty.The stock market is the same, there is never a lack of low-priced good stocks, but the lack of “tiger Tiger” stock eyes.On January 22, 2022, I published in the skills column of the 8th edition of Financial Investment News the annual report of this year should be “close to three”. In the first paragraph of the article, I wrote the following words: The company is close to the industry leader and is currently a hot draught, and the annual report performance is also good.Such as:Cuiwei Co., LTD. (603123), the digital currency leader we sent to customers after focusing on the analysis of ten yuan, is the only one with a digital RMB payment fee license. Cuiwei Co., LTD announced that, according to the preliminary calculation of the financial department, the company is expected to achieve net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies of 140 million to 180 million yuan in 2021.Compared with the same period last year, it increased by 59 million yuan to 99 million yuan, an increase of 72.16% to 121.35%.As of the end of this article, the share price peaked at 19.43 yuan.The stock price of Cuiwei Rose to 29.59 yuan at the end of this paper, which not only doubled in a short period from the time of our analysis, but also became the top gainer in 2022.(The stock has risen greatly, so investors are not advised to chase it higher.) The impressive rise of Cuiwei Shares gives us the following enlightenment: First, it is the most stable and reliable to select low-priced stocks from the annual report.The stock price of a listed company largely depends on the performance of the company, and the annual report of a listed company covers a lot of content. There are usually many bright spots in the annual report. Investors need to be good at finding and identifying the high growth factors reflected behind the important data.Step in when the price is low.Here is a true story: 70 years ago, the late John Templeton, an American investment master, borrowed $10,000 to buy 104 penny stocks below $1. Four years later, Templeton sold all these stocks, making a profit of three times as much as his first bucket of gold in his life.A few years later, Templeton summed up his investment philosophy this way: Buy good bargains!The lesson of Templeton is that cheap is still good, and penny stocks can make money.Penny stocks have significantly outperformed high-priced stocks in 2022.Look at the Spring Festival holiday since this round of rebound, some stock prices high in this maomaowhich stock formed a high diving relay race, you jump and I stage, the reason for the fall is the same, the stock price since the pull from the sing fry high, seriously overdrawn a hundred years of performance, no retail investors to pick up, only down a road.And many annual performance of the penny stock has been out of the limelight.This makes investors deeply feel the power of penny stocks can not be underestimated.Secondly, the advantages of low-price stocks with high growth performance: for investors, considering the cost, when buying the same number of shares, the capital needed to buy low-price stocks will be much lower than high-price stocks.Moreover, because the number of A-shares to buy must be an integer multiple of 100 shares, so for small retail investors with only tens of thousands of yuan, high-priced stocks often set the threshold for participation in the invisible.Penny stocks, by contrast, are much more flexible.For example, Sanyuan Stock company (600429), which we analyzed at more than 6 yuan, plans to purchase 41.74% and 4.63% equity of Shunong Animal Husbandry respectively held by Sanyuan Seed and Singshi Investment with cash of 112,8515,100 yuan. After the completion of this transaction, the company will hold 51% equity of Shunong Animal Husbandry, and Shunong Animal Husbandry will become the holding subsidiary of Sanyuan Stock.At present, shounong Animal husbandry’s main business is breeding cattle, cow breeding, raw milk production and sales, etc.Shou Nong animal husbandry main business for the management of Dingzhou cattle farm, and engaged in dairy cattle raising, raw milk production and sales.Three shares issued performance notice.It is estimated that the net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies in 2021 will be 234.6 million yuan to 273.7 million yuan, with a year-on-year growth of 963% to 1141%.Third, the 2021 annual report data is less moisture.Due to the previous listed company annual report fraud cost is too low, the market calls for increased punishment according to law.In 2021, supervision and punishment will be strengthened, “zero tolerance” for financial fraud, serious cases will be sentenced.According to Article 229 of the Criminal Law, any employee of an intermediary organization responsible for asset appraisal, capital verification, verification, accounting, auditing or legal services who intentionally provides false certification documents, if the circumstances are serious, shall be sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment of not more than five years or criminal detention and shall also be fined;Any person mentioned in the preceding paragraph who extorts or illegally accepts money or property from another person and commits the crime mentioned in the preceding paragraph shall be sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment of not less than five years but not more than 10 years and shall also be fined.This makes the 2021 annual report more realistic and less accurate.A good public company in a very cheap industry produced a brilliant annual report.It is not impossible for such companies to become “tiger tiger” stocks in the year of the tiger.The stock market is a place for defiance!In fact, there is no surrender, but we lack the discovery of the “tiger tiger” stock eyes, we have always been to others can not see, or do not want to see the corner, this may be our unique stock selection.Buffett said: If you’re on the wrong track, it doesn’t matter how hard you run.In the year of the Tiger, we must run on the right road.(Above stock analysis for reference only, not for buying basis.Suzhou-chongqing Senior Investment Consultant Registration No. (A0730620080005) Affiliated Securities Consulting Institution No. (ZX0095)