Fifty-three years old of me, feel oneself old suddenly today, does the person become old really in an instant?

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I was born in 1968, and I turn 54 this year.It’s still months away.You don’t get old all of a sudden?It depends on how you feel. I was struck by something that reminded me that I was an old man.About four years ago, I got hooked on running. I would go out every other day and run 8 to 10 kilometers each time, and I would run about 100 to 120 kilometers a month.Just last summer, I was running happily along the greenway alone. In front of me, an old woman was running slowly with her grandson.That child is about seven or eight years old, the old woman from the back can not see 60 years old, I ran by their side.The old woman said to her grandson, “Run faster!Run quickly!Go catch up with the grandpa in front.Hearing this, I looked back. The old woman was well-proportioned, with pretty white skin and a lot of pockmarks and age spots on her face. Her grandson’s chubby face was pretty cute.I quickened the pace, left them far behind, I ran forward, while thinking that someone called me grandpa!I think it’s getting old.I started to slow down and think about it as I ran.After returning home, I looked at myself in the mirror carefully, my hair was very good, looked at the past, basically did not find white hair, carefully looking for a few white hair on the temples.The whole face is far away, the meat on the face is loose, but also long some wrinkles, looking at the mirror carefully, there seem to be a few old spots, it seems that grandma let her grandson call my grandpa is not too much.Since that day, I’ve slowed down my running, moving from a six-and-a-half-minute pace to an eight-minute pace.The length of each run has also been reduced, from 8 to 10 kilometers to 5 to 8 kilometers.Instead of running 100 to 120 kilometers a month, I ran 60 to 80 kilometers a month.Face the growth of age objectively, rational choice for their own way and method of exercise, can be more conducive to health.Keeping a young mind, never giving up curiosity about new things, getting good sleep quality and sleep duration, exercising and eating a healthy diet are all good ways to avoid aging.The laws of nature are irresistible. The most important thing is to live one day at a time.