Eagle 1251 half 8000 km real experience

2022-06-03 0 By

The car I bought in the period of 11 in 2020, I didn’t have a driver’s license, so I didn’t dare to ride it. After 1,2 months, I passed the driver’s license test and started to ride it. As a result, it was too cold in winter and I rode 1000 kilometers intermittently.After May 2021, eagle commutes will be officially started, with a distance of about 7 km from home to work every day, 4 times a day, 30 km.A thousand kilometers a month, driving in bad weather conditions, in 2021 a year to ride almost more than 6,000 kilometers.Let’s start with positioning.In terms of positioning, the pedals are meant to be lightweight and flexible, but the Yamaha Falcon 125 is one of the few 125 that has even the slightest consideration for cruising comfort.And 150, 250 inside focus on cruising comfort models will be slightly more.The pedals further up are generally large ones, in pursuit of the comfort of long-distance cruising.From this point of view, if the one-way is not too far, for comfort, you can consider the Eagle 125, if the distance is far, it can focus on the consideration of the platoon.In fact, after riding a 125 for some time, there will always be a desire to have a higher displacement, for example, I prefer to ride a CT250.Detailed configuration is not said, the whole network is everywhere, the biggest complaint of the netizen to this stage pedal is also the configuration is not high, indeed, for a hundred thousand yuan of 125 above, just with qiao case configuration is basically the same, there is no place that gives color on configuration however, it is the place that is blamed most.But for now, it’s mostly about riding.1, in terms of power, there is no difference with qiao Ge, but, urban transport, buy vegetables pick up children to and from work, completely no problem, within 80 yards, basically can do whatever you want.If you want to do something on a regular basis, running downhill or something like that, it’s still recommended that you use a higher displacement.In short, you have to choose between displacement and flexibility.2, tires, tour the eagle upgrade front and specification, than before and after the artful, I raised a level, the more equipped with L level wide high speed tire, a low flat rate of 70%, result looks more comfortable, ride up also more stable, better curve, both in bending or in traction performance is good, pay attention to:Water is slippery must be slow, what tires are slippery in water.Unpleasant feeling, the front wheel is affected by the shock absorption, the front shock often hit bottom, especially when entering and exiting the garage.3, braking, front disc and rear drum, directly leading to is not a brake.Fall down once, ride for more than half a year, feeling is quite familiar, expansion, in accelerating at that time, appear in front of the situation, or alternate braking, but useless, the accelerated, without ABS, although speed is not fast, at 50, but still fell, fell, he somehow fell should speed in the 20 or so,It was thrown to the ground by inertia and slid forward for some distance.The reflector is broken, the handle is broken, the front and back shells are broken, the trunk is broken, pants, clothes, gloves are worn.For the first time, I realized the importance of ABS. If I change the car next time, I will give priority to the configuration of safety, which is also the main reason for wanting to change the car at present. Although the crash is mostly subjective, there is no denying the role of ABS.The dangerous coefficient of motorcycle is still very high, think about it now, if it is not in the path at that time, but in the speed of the road, or when the motorcycle slides out in case of people, the consequences must be unbearable.So if you are a driver, you must develop good driving habits.If you’re a pedestrian, get as far away from a motorcycle as you can, because you never know what’s going to happen to it.This car usually open is actually pretty good, I will not because of the car after not open, by the way, Taobao to buy accessories will be much cheaper, but the premise is to start their own ability, the store asked about 2000, Taobao 600 all down.4. Carry things with people.Pedal the biggest use should be to take a person to go to the lavatory namely, carry content to go to the lavatory, this should be undeniable.With a cruiser, the back seat is quite comfortable, with wide cushions and a hidden foot that doesn’t need to be pulled up but can be hooked out when needed.There is only one condition for pedals to carry things, namely flat pedals, so the direction of changing cars is CT250, because it is flat pedals.5. Fuel consumption.In fact, as a pedal, fuel consumption is not a tangled place, the pedal must be small mailbox, the same displacement than straddling high fuel consumption, since you enjoy his convenience and comfort, do not tangle fuel consumption.A tank of gas, 30 bucks, 180 miles, that’s my usual gas mileage, no long cruising, no violent drag racing.Honest commuting, grocery shopping and baby fuel consumption level.I don’t know how a tank of fuel on the Internet to ride 300 km, I really can not reach this level.