Long-term holding of large state-owned commercial banks, making money is an inevitable event

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A netizen (online name “Ruler of all Gods”) wrote a comment on my article titled, ‘Where will the profits come from the long-term holding of bank stocks?Think about it from two perspectives: you want to make money from the ups and downs of the stock price, or you want to reinvest the dividends to make money.If use stock price to rise and fall, sorry, if the bank does not eliminate right you can never make money.But if consider bonus reinvestment, different, for instance you bought 10000 shares, share out bonus 0.5 yuan, a total of 5000 yuan, bonus reinvestment, total number of shares is more than 10000 shares, the bank general performance rose, the za assumes bonus unchanged, that cent 5000 multivariate, buy so all the time, bonus may eventually become 100000 pieces,Even infinitely compound.Warren Buffett’s Coca-Cola, American Express, you can’t analyze it on the basis of initial investment, but on the basis of money invested, I think it’s silent cost, you don’t think about it, you get it all.This way requires a long enough time, Buffett played the stock for more than 80 years, boil out, etc., so simple, but ordinary people can not keep.The first thing to be sure of is the high quality of this netizen’s reply, which is constructive, which is valuable.Do not want to some of the comments of users, see and their own point of view of the layout of the article, the message of coarse words, language is very vicious, encounter such a low quality message, I generally smile, because I look at him one eye, even if I lost.Everyone’s cognition is different, it is good to hear different opinions, can enlighten oneself, why use vicious language to attack others.Differences of opinion can be discussed.In view of the comments from netizens quoted in front, I want to say that many articles in front of me have mentioned my bank stock investment ideas. One is to buy in batches, the other is to hold long-term shares, the third is to reinvest dividends, and the fourth is to have the opportunity to do band, the purpose is to continue to pull down the cost of holding positions.I firmly believe that holding the shares of state-owned banks for a long time, making money will be inevitable.Because according to the idea THAT I mentioned earlier, your costs are going to get lower and lower, your dividends are going to get more objective, and if you hit a big market, you’re going to save a little bit, sell the rest, and then you’re going to buy it back when the price goes down.Invest in the stock market with patience.Want to know more exciting content, come to pay attention to the three sons of financial management