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“There is a Heshun town on the river. It was built hundreds of years ago by people from west Yunnan.First there was The town of Heshun, and then there was the bridge from Chanda to Heshun, which was bombed by you.I want to ask you, how did they cross the river when there was no bridge?How can you build Heshun without a bridge?…But when the bridge came along, everyone wanted to be comfortable, and the old way was forgotten.”Small ant that morning, small ant in a calm mood to specially come to apologize (fight?Or trying to get into a fight?)The dragon article and Meng bored said.That morning, these three people said many, many words, the final result of those words was to admit a sincere feeling of regret — the last time with fist greeting ants black and white — long article finally felt sorry again, and hit him.Obviously, this is a sign of weakness. He finds there is no way to persuade the little ant and the little ant tries to persuade him. Finally, he has no choice but to resort to violence.There are many classic sentences in that conversation that deserve to be recalled again and again.But the first thing that struck me was right here — how did people cross the river when there was no bridge?The man or the bridge came first?”That hit me like a flash in the eye, because I had just had an argument with my husband. The guy had bought a hand shift without consulting me and, having just got his license, was too scared to drive it.And my little girl, who was judged by us to be cerebellar underdeveloped since high school, was already driving around the world with her automatic transmission after two months of learning.I think my husband’s inexplicable behavior is going to hurt me too — I’m afraid I’ll follow in his footsteps and not be able to drive the clutch, even if I get my license.I made a few snide remarks about my husband, especially when I saw him awkwardly reversing his car in the neighborhood, a smile of schadenfreude spread from my heart to my face.However, when I saw the paragraph of episode 22, I felt that the little ant seemed to be asking me: “How can people drive when there is no self-shift in the world?The same as driving, but later since the shift, we figure comfortable, feel the hand shift is not a thing.”How do you cross a river without a bridge?Oh, and so it is that we are not alone in our society in forgetting where we came because it was easier and more comfortable to do so. Many of our functions and abilities have become so degraded that we have almost forgotten them.The little ant said he had to read to know that we were “fearless, open, tolerant and eclectic.Our ancestors had no role model and walked for five thousand years!”So he carried his book on his back, and set off westward, step by step, with his ridiculous step, to cross the river, to cross the place where the current was most swift, which now looks so frightening, and is said to have been a road.Long article and Meng bored looking at his back, mixed feelings.They know, the little ant is really too naive, but this naive person’s words directly to the truth: “are chronic disease, are old and unbelief.”That’s the problem!That’s rotch!Oh, old age and unbelief, that is a very good word.Because of aging, no longer young, I think they look at all even he who sees through the world, thought this through, and he who sees through is a sign of maturity and wisdom, can use a n experienced person eye looked at the young man’s dream and they think that persistence and miracle, then is like me, waiting gleefully they hit a brick wall, waiting for a chance to make the transformation form saying:”See, I told you so…”This is aging and unbelief.What does it mean to actually do something?Small ant think, not only long article and Meng Fan, but the whole Of China are suffering from this incurable disease.He tried to confront the problem, he tried to cross-examine it, he tried to solve it, he tried to — if he was wrong, he would change, and he would change a young China.Oh, young China.The Chinese Dream of youth at the beginning of last century.Such a dream sets many people’s blood on fire.However, although Liang Qichao’s “Young China” played a huge role in inspiring the morale of the students and creating the style of the newspaper, after a close reading, the argument is insufficient, and it is mostly subjective wishes rather than objective facts.At that time, our China, with five thousand years of brilliant civilization is true, but gradually aging.To the weather of the tang dynasty, the recall of the Wind and cloud almost to become a collective fantasy.Where is the future of our nation?I once heard a teacher and friend say that our nation established a perfect feudal system thousands of years ago, which was far more perfect than the West, even when they were slaves, we had advanced centralized power.But here lies the problem and the paradox: the more complete a system is, the more it represses the elements that subvert it, otherwise it would not be complete.However, everything in the world has a gradual process from renewal to obsolescence. The more complete the system, the longer it lags behind and becomes obsolescent, the more fatal the process becomes.China’s almost perfect feudalism is not merely a material system, but has long infiltrated the intellectual sphere so deeply, so widely, and for so long, that it has gradually become part of our national character.This national character, is the real problem that the little ant feels — driving away the Japanese can not solve the problem.Yes, we must be painfully conscious of this.This problem is not kang Youwei liang Qichao’s constitutional monarchy can be solved, not Sun Yat-sen’s 1911 revolution can be solved, not even 1949 can be solved, nor 1966-1976 that extreme method can be solved, it is not even small ants think that those books “tell me what is really young” can be solved.I can’t believe I had to read a book to know how brilliant we are!Its essence intertwined with our culture, with those who make us proud of things intertwined, generation after generation thoughts inheriting tangle with us together, with each one of us everyday life all intertwined – to solve it, must face, must be calm to face clearly, cross-examine, introspection, endlessly thinking, again and again to the pain,Block again and again, and then the idea is not blocked, see their weaknesses and mistakes, and then change.When individuals and groups do this, the nation will gradually become young.And this, in fact, is an ideal and comfortable state solution that I have imagined, which is in fact only theoretical.It must be much more painful and even cruel to make corrections, especially in terms of our national character. We have to suffer great losses again and again.In fact, even so, but also lucky, terrible is a lot of people and a lot of groups, is no matter how to learn not good, to death.Now, we can proudly say: look, this is China!In the face of such a powerful group of forces, individual efforts are insignificant, is unable to hold back the tide of the monstrous waves.In the face of this torrent, the posture adopted by the individual, the conscious individual, is a crucial factor in determining the nature of our existence.In fact, small ants, Meng Bored, long article have seen, that morning in there talk is three sober people.The posture of the little Chinese ant was to cry out against the current, and to swim against it in such a way as to burn himself to death, and to believe that his efforts were useful, however small and feeble, he felt that they were always useful.Dragon article is same countercurrent and go up, what he fights with it is actually, obviously, those who fight than small ant want concrete and intrepate much, that not only but concrete foreign enemy invades, concrete military action, concrete war, concrete training soldier, even yu Xiaoqing and Tang Ji are concrete.Indeed, all the members of the cannon fodder regiment, including himself, have the subtle weaknesses and the slackness born of their instinctive desire for comfort.His approach was pragmatic, using what worked, but his mind was not without ideals.This is the ideal Of China such a state is my favorite to agree with, I do not have to get, but I can see, can be yearning for.Meng Is a different kind of sober person, a very contradictory one — he is painfully sober and pessimistic.This pessimism is not only the individual to himself, but for the whole group, all he saw it enveloped the entire group is difficult to reverse the monstrous waves, he saw the end, his deep in my heart with love for this huge group of deep and eager to have a change, but sadly found this longing almost no implementation.He wanted to give up, but he couldn’t.He can’t do it.He is the kind of person who talks discouragingly and rushes ahead.The worst talker in the regiment was only a watch, or a shell in which he protected himself. Inside, he was soft and strong.But whether it was soft or strong, he did not want to show it, or even admit it.It was a strange state of mind, but it was manly — reserved, restrained, protecting the richness of sensitivity and harmony within a bluffing bad shell.Because in his experience, this rich sensitivity and good in the face of reality always failed, bleeding.What do you do when there’s no bridge?Here, by the way, the little ant’s innocence, he said he did not want to impose his ideas on a dragon, he just think young people can exchange what they like.This sentence is very moving, I was a little hopeless tears.But I thought that, in fact, his behavior was an attempt to impose his ideas on others.He tried to convince them that right and wrong mattered.Yes, it’s important to be right and wrong, but there’s more than one set of metrics.He said, “Well, you don’t seem to like anything, except money and women.”This, should not be completely aimed at the opposite of the two specific military officers, but for the broader military groups – combined with the last set of his and dragon article dialogue, “comfortable, not afraid of death will be comfortable.I didn t expect to hear this from a Korean soldier.We can see the image of the South Korean military in the mind of the student, who is known for building a torch in the dark.Where there is no road, we explore it but, is that true?Or is it entirely true?Although their values are different, does the entire Army just like money and women?The answer is no.In history, the 100,000 people in the expeditionary army, the cannon fodder regiment and the main force regiment in the drama, Long Wenzhang, Meng Fanju, Fan Long, A Yi, Yu Xiaoqing, Zhang Lixian, He Shuguang, etc., only like money and women?Isn’t.What would little ant say if he saw uncle Fan fooling his entire furniture and house along the street?But do fans just like women and money?Not really.Little ant can’t understand or even think about people like fan, carrying Li Liansheng is like carrying the whole northeast.It’s wrong for us to jump to conclusions about lives we haven’t lived, communities we haven’t lived.Life…Far more complex and profound than the books he carried on his back.Also, remember the little ant speaking in the trench?”You are real heroes…”Who are the heroes?I am sure he was sincere in saying this, and that he was touched by it, himself included; but, on further examination, he despised these heroes in his heart — he was a man of intellectual superiority.This is the inherent problem of many hot-blooded young people.Ant students are not exempt from the vulgar.When he was exposed to the real war and the real lives of soldiers, that would have changed.But as lovely and respectable as he was, he was indeed too immature to be regarded as the embodiment of a great ideal.Small ants, idealists, but still want to thank him and thank him say “aging and not letter, thank he reminded us not, today, people still want to cross the river before the bridge Shanghai 3045 degrees high temperatures, at eleven o ‘clock in the morning, I’m in the middle of a crossroads the coaches have stalled, heard speakers from all directions to pieces,Take this inspiration.The attitude of the little ant was to cry out against the current, and to swim against it in such a way as to burn himself to death, and to believe that his efforts were useful, however small and feeble, he felt that they were always useful.Meng Is a different kind of sober person, a very contradictory one — he is painfully sober and pessimistic.Hope?!