Haikou during the Spring Festival inexpensive food outlets do not close

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Hainan Daily Haikou February 2 – (reporter Guo Cui) February 2 at 1 o ‘clock in the morning, Haikou City Xiuying District Yongzhuang village guangxi nationality vegetable farmers Lu Chunping has got up.After washing his face off with cold water, he stepped out of the house, wrapped his coat in a cold wind, put on a raincoat, and rode his tricycle to the Gavang wholesale market.The car was neatly packed with four baskets of cabbage, oilseed and other leafy vegetables that had been picked the night before.On February 2, the second day of the Chinese New Year, some stalls of meiyuan Farmers’ market in Haikou City, Meilan district, were open for business, and vegetable varieties were as rich as usual.Ten minutes later, Lu Chunping arrived at jiawang market. Compared with usual, the market during the Spring Festival was a little quiet, but there were still many vegetable farmers to trade.Lu chunping rubbed his hands and clicked the calculator quickly, taking notes and billing customers.This has been lu Chunping’s fourth Spring Festival in Haikou.”People can have a rest, but the vegetables don’t wait for anyone. We need to rush to collect the vegetables from the vegetable field. A day or two late will affect the quality of vegetables.”He told Hainan Daily that days of cooling and rainfall have a certain impact on the growth of leafy vegetables, which are prone to diseases and insect pests, so he has to do a good job of protecting vegetables from the cold, instead of reducing the workload of growing vegetables.By 3am, lu chunping’s 700 jin of leafy vegetables had been sold out, and he could go home to rest for a while.And 3 o ‘clock in the morning is haikou Jiangnan market busiest time.Reporters in jiangnan market to see, a car full of vegetables into the wholesale market in an orderly long truck, workers are unloading, weighing, loading…Incandescent lamps on the roofs of greenhouses cast a long shadow over the busy comings and goings of the workers.Haikou vegetable basket sorting center in Jiangnan Market is brightly lit, as the staff carries out safety testing and sorting of vegetables delivered the previous day.At 7:00 a.m., some 80 affordable food delivery trucks started to leave.When the vehicle arrived at the White Dragon market is close to 9, in the market in haikou city vegetable basket stall, staff Huang Liying is putting vegetables, there have been citizens came to buy.Tomato 1.6 yuan/jin, melon leaves 0.7 yuan/jin, bell pepper 1 yuan/jin……Reporters see, vegetable basket stalls complete varieties, the scene set up the “one yuan vegetable area”, buddhist hand melon, white radish, coconut vegetables, white potatoes, etc., are 1 yuan/jin.”Today I bought six kinds of vegetables for only 12 yuan. It’s very convenient to buy fresh and affordable vegetables during the Spring Festival.”Zang Xiansheng told reporters.”All of our affordable end outlets will be closed during the Spring Festival and will resume normal business from the fourth day.”Haikou Vegetable Basket Group told reporters that in order to ensure sufficient market supply and stable prices during the Spring Festival, Haikou Vegetable Basket Group will reserve 3,000 tons of vegetables during the Spring Festival in 2022, including potatoes, Onions, Chinese cabbage, carrots, lotus white, white radish and other 35 varieties, and make preparations to increase storage.We will spare no effort to ensure the purchase demand of citizens during the festival, ensure the stable and orderly supply of the end of the “vegetable basket” during the Spring Festival holiday, and let citizens and tourists spend a secure, comfortable and rich Spring Festival.