Disregard Starbucks drive away the inferiority and arrogance of some elite police

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Chongqing Ciqikou Starbucks employees drove away the police who were eating lunch at the gate.In fact, it was nothing at all. Maybe it was just the quality problem of some Starbucks employees. Chinese people would sympathize with the police rather than Starbucks.The Chinese people themselves are tolerant and generous, but it is unforgivable to see starbucks’ insincincous reply and the Chinese elite’s vigorous defense.Starbucks responded to the incident by saying that four police officers came to the store at around 5pm on February 13, and the store arranged for them to have dinner in the outdoor guest area.Later, there were other customers who wanted to eat in the outdoor dining area, and the partners of the store and the police involved had a communication misunderstanding due to inappropriate words when coordinating seats.There was a misunderstanding in communication between the store partner and the police due to inappropriate words when coordinating seats, but there was no such situation as “driving the police” and “complaining the police” reported online.Any fool can see that Starbucks is not apologizing at all, but deceiving and making things worse.There are other customers want to eat in the outdoor guest area, come from behind, let the police leave first, this is not already admitted to drive the police, behind also said that there is no “drive the police”, is really not justified on the text.If it were not for the contempt in my heart, I would not look at what I wrote from the Chinese perspective first, how could I even contradict myself in written words?The insolence was all in evidence in the short reply.In fact, it was starbucks’ contradictory and unreasonable response that proved it was definitely not a misunderstanding.It is even more pathetic that some of China’s elite celebrities are still defending Starbucks, even going against what official media and netizens consider arrogant. It seems lenovo has not learned its lesson.This is not aimed at these elites, but only on the basis of the situation. It is also a well-intentioned reminder that the people are clear-eyed and can deceive themselves, so don’t deceive others.As the saying goes, the gentleman does not stand under the wall, if it is not for the inferiority of foreigners and Chinese arrogance and contempt.Is not going to speak for Starbucks.Starbucks doesn’t think it’s wrong, and trying to maintain it is like putting out a fire.Not even Starbucks has any respect for such people.It is the same mentality as the Comprador in China who felt superior to others in order to enter places where Chinese and dogs were not allowed.”We apologize for this, but there was no such thing as police eviction reported on the Internet during the incident.”With the front of the “coordination of seats due to improper language caused communication misunderstanding” do not feel contradictory and ridiculous, is it impossible to highly educated Chinese elite literature and science, no also.Speaking from the heart, unless starbucks replies are written by the elites themselves, they can’t fail to see the problem.There’s a classic line from Fist of Fury, “Don’t lie to me if I don’t read enough.Elites, like Starbucks, play word games to fool Internet users and deceive themselves.If these elites were to be inappropriately assigned seats by Starbucks one day, they would definitely be angry. They would never think that they were not expelled, they would never think that it was a communication misunderstanding, and they would never think that Starbucks had the slightest sincerity.Starbucks is indispensable to the elites, the people need three meals a day, and the police need to protect their homes.So it is understandable that the elite will defend Starbucks with all sorts of sophistry.Elites have come out of their hats and decided that criticizing Starbucks is bad for our country’s open environment.It points out that there are many actions by western elites to drive a wedge between Western enterprises and the Chinese market. It believes that the Chinese society is hostile to Western enterprises and the Chinese market is no longer suitable for the development of western enterprises.Can be said to be more sad, other people’s contempt for your heart, not compromise for change, other people’s respect for your surface, not cowardly tolerance.What is the purpose of our reform and opening-up? It is to help the Chinese people stand tall, not bend their backs.In the face of western enterprises, only when they are rational and moderate and neither humble nor pushy can they be respected, which is also the respect for western enterprises.There is no denying that western elites are indeed trying to provoke western enterprises into relations with the Chinese market. In fact, Starbucks’ expulsion of the police is the result of such incitement, which is exactly to fight back.Is the relationship that the elites want to make better, western companies do not respect the market relationship between Chinese people, managers and consumers?!They don’t respect themselves, let others respect you is not a joke!Therefore, we should say that we do not need to respect the market relations of Chinese consumers. Western enterprises that do not respect Chinese consumers are not suitable and should not develop in the Chinese market. Without them, the Chinese market will develop better, and the people will be happier and live a more dignified life.Western companies that respect and understand us will not be provoked, and those who are provoked will not respect us. China’s economic development and market supply and demand are definitely not achieved by selling their dignity.Dignity is priceless!Starbucks founder Howard Schultz wrote his autobiography, “Pour Your Heart into It.” Maybe it’s time for Starbucks PR and China’s elite to read up on some of the best quotes.Maybe we can teach them how to deal with it.Only by having a fair heart and a sense of integrity, infusing the heart, not succumbing to the fear of their mistakes, and bravely facing and realizing their mistakes, can we sincerely change and get the understanding and tolerance of the kind and upright Chinese people.To truly understand the founder’s original intention is never to fool the public with words without sincerity.If I were a public relations officer of Starbucks, I would realize my own problems and shortcomings. At this time, I would ask all stores to provide free rest places and coffee for the nearby policemen who were on duty so that a public relations crisis could be turned into an opportunity for self-improvement rather than burying myself.The best guide is Howard’s famous line from Pour your Heart into it.The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands when he is in good times, but how he stands when he is criticized and disputed.Many of us have had moments in our lives where your dreams are about to fall apart.You may not have expected this to happen, but how you react to it is crucial.The important thing is to remember your values: be brave, but be fair.Don’t give in.If the people around you have the same sense of integrity, you are sure to win.