China can build!Trapped market, infrastructure will return next week

2022-05-29 0 By

Remember holiday until now, there has been a lot of friends asked what is the investment theme of this year, I reply is infrastructure and consumer recovery, because the more sure, especially the theme of infrastructure, yesterday we talk about the concept of “in” with the expected alone, construction as one of the main lead the eldest brother, will be a relatively clear train of thought in the first quarter,I even think it is likely to be the main line of the market for the whole quarter.China can build trapped in today market, poor performance, failed to break through a 3.04 point, of course, I also said the breakthrough adjustment without the rest a while, because infrastructure years rise too much, so much market funds, main is not back yet, a second dip process is the main force more positions, we also need not worry, have the patience to continue to take,China Energy Construction has taken the lead in this time window, technical conditions are better than more than 80% of the stocks, so as long as infrastructure comes back, it will hit the pressure level again.Do you still remember that China was able to build and issue its first single carbon neutral REITs in December last year? I said at that time that this news was good for China’s energy construction and infrastructure sector, and also in line with the national policy orientation of leading infrastructure construction in 2022.This year has not been a disappointing start to the year, and the current rebound is just a test run. Patience and confidence are important, because the stock of funds is limited, and any sector needs stop-and-go, as does the digital economy, let alone infrastructure.China can build were added to the MSCI China index, is of course good, but now is not the timing of the big market, so can also watch the sustainable infrastructure, capacity is not good, two days before capacity also means differences, key or infrastructure plate rebound next week after the performance, is a chess game, but in the current technique,There will be a possibility to continue to rise behind, anyway, I will continue to be optimistic.For more exciting content, come to The financial xiao Zhige