Rot group son swimming pool is illuminated by disreputed cloth is too little, small yu broken flower swimsuit is unwilling to be outdone, male pink is true hold not live

2022-05-27 0 By

I believe that a lot of netizens in peacetime are very like to watch a variety of girls live, after all, look at the beauty is still quite an eye-pleasing thing.In the current live broadcasting industry, there are also many excellent female anchors, such as the well-known Futuan, who is an excellent figure of the female anchor.During the regular live broadcast, futuaner not only performs various hot dances but also gives out welfare photos.And swimming pool photo has always been the majority of male compatriots very like to see, futuaner also has a lot of swimsuit for the pig theme photos.In recent days, Futuan posted his latest photo of a swimming pool.I have to say that compared to other photos, the pool photo really shows off The beauty of Tuan’s body, whether it is long legs or small waist.However, a number of fans said the suit looked a bit too little fabric, which made it look unbearable.But to be fair, this is also the style of Futuan, after all, who doesn’t want to show off their good body?And in addition to the group of corruption outside, there is a beautiful female anchor in the pool recently also basked in photos, she is we are familiar with LPL beauty host small yu, is also the appearance level is quite high.Small but strictly speaking, the swimming pool photo of her and not really swimming pool, because small already were taken at the time of bubble hot spring, but her clothes are exceptionally bright eye, broken beautiful swimsuit seems very pure desire, but also very small already knows fans, big long legs is like concealed in the hot spring, is also a kind of unique beauty.Have to say xiaoyu pure swimsuit according to really not worse than rotten group son.It is worth mentioning that the popularity of Xiaoyu has been soaring, after all, Xiaoyu and LPL’s first champion single Rookie is the relationship between male and female friends, the feelings of the two is also very optimistic by the outside world.Every time xiao Yu posted a photo, there are a lot of fans said to be sorry Rookie.We can only say that Xiao Yu is really very popular, I believe she will release more wonderful photos.