Sujiatun district party cadres against the risk, fighting for the epidemic

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Every one of you is a hero of this city. Thank you for protecting your home. Thank you for never giving up.Then there are the people who stick to their posts day and night to get up close and personal with the “risks” that lurk.They are silently stationed in the isolation of the hotel staff, they go against the risk, fighting for the epidemic, with ordinary flesh and blood to build an iron wall of epidemic prevention.Quarantined hotels are the front line in the fight against the epidemic. Wherever the battle ground for epidemic prevention and control is located, Party organizations will be established and party members will play a pioneering and exemplary role.In the face of the severe and complex epidemic prevention and control situation, nine isolated hotels have been set up in Sujiatun District, serving a total of nearly 1,800 visitors.Temporary Party branches have been set up in each isolated hotel, and Party members and cadres have overcome difficulties and taken the lead in setting an example, gathering a strong vanguard force for epidemic prevention and control.In the face of the epidemic, 9 division-level leading cadres and 38 party members of organs and public institutions in the district rushed to the front line and entered the isolation hotel as soon as possible.Organize party members from the culture, tourism and Sports development center, urban and rural management service Center, Agriculture and Rural Service Center, Suxin Group, medical care, public security and hotel staff of the former leading units of the isolation hotel to establish temporary party branches of the isolation hotel.All temporary Party branches promptly convened party branch meetings, clarified the post responsibilities of the point chief and information staff, set up working groups for medical services, elimination, public security and logistics, and strictly fixed personnel, positioning and responsibilities.The temporary Party branch also sorted out and summarized the isolation control work regularly, checked for deficiencies and promoted the implementation, ensuring the orderly development of isolation control work.At present various isolation protective and xiaosha hotel measures are complete, implements the personnel on duty 24 hours unattended, concentrated isolation by specialized medical personnel and vehicles is responsible for forwarding, isolation, wastes arising from the room out of the quarantine treatment after disinfection sterilization, to concentrate on isolation to produce living garbage, will be a car, bag, personnel, technicians, unified collect transport disposal.In order to win the battle of epidemic prevention and control, the temporary party branches of the isolated hotels dare not relax for a moment. Led by the demonstration of party members and cadres, the overall work is in an orderly and orderly manner.At the same time, more than a dozen emergency plans have been formulated in the isolated hotel, and various working groups have repeatedly practiced various emergency procedures such as wearing and removing protective clothing, simulating fire escape, positive transfer, and transfer of severe cases to hospitals.With repeated learning, assessment and exercise, everyone’s position, responsibility, work process, action standard and emergency response are firmly fixed in mind and action.At 19:00 on March 26, the isolation hotel of Dongxu Hotel received an urgent notice to receive 83 close contacts, which meant that a series of procedures, such as environmental elimination, nucleic acid collection, platform entry and data collection, had to be repeated 83 times in strict accordance with the operating procedures.Seven hours!All of them were sweating, red-eyed, and extremely tired, working day and night against the clock and without sleep.Apart from the hotel temporary party branch of all the people just comfort each other, encourage each other, no one said tired said sleepy.At the critical moment, they took practical actions to fulfill their original mission and responsibilities as a Party member.”Thank you for your care these days, we are home, you take care of yourself.”At 15pm on April 1, the quarantined people thanked the epidemic prevention workers and set off on a “special bus” to return home.District sports cultural tourism development, director of the center for Yu Baogui said, “as long as put on protective clothing, responsibility on the shoulder, then also have to overcome many difficulties, though busy and uneasy, but more is the joy of giving and full of a sense of accomplishment, quarantine personnel, thank you for a 1 hard always makes us tired into instant light smoke scattered, and many workers at the end of the isolation,I became friends with the health care workers, and we all made plans to reunite when it was over.”Party members and cadres in isolation hotels often say, “Isolation hotels are the second home of isolated people. Each of us is a member of this temporary family. If there is any difficulty, we must try our best to solve it.”In order to eliminate the anxiety and panic of the quarantined people, the temporary party branches of the quarantined hotels have set up a mental health service consultation hotline, arranging professionals to relieve the pressure of the quarantined people, comfort them with warmth, and remind them of various matters needing attention with humorous language, which is full of wisdom and emotion.The isolated hotel treated isolated personnel as guests, and the party members and cadres of the temporary Party branch treated isolated personnel as relatives. They interpreted the lofty duty of serving the people with practical actions, set up flags, warmed the masses and gathered people’s hearts.Article source: Organization Department of District Committee contributed: Zhang Tiexin Review: Yu Hong