In February, the 12345 convenient government service hotline received nearly 40,000 complaints from citizens

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Recently, the municipal government affairs Service hotline acceptance center announced the reception and handling of citizens’ complaints handled by 12345 government affairs service convenience hotline in February.In February, the 12345 government service hotline received 39,679 complaints of various types, down 35.51 percent from the previous month, of which 36,552 were handled through the hotline and 3,127 through the Internet and other channels, with a timely completion rate of 100 percent and satisfaction rate of 99.11 percent.According to the handling situation, the appeals of citizens in February mainly focused on housing provident fund, consumer rights protection and health and epidemic prevention.Among them, 4,804 cases of housing provident fund were accepted, accounting for 13.1% of the total, mainly focusing on the materials required for the withdrawal of consultation provident fund, the calculation of loan limit, the transfer of provident fund account from city to city, the sealing time of provident fund after resignation, how to register the mobile provident fund APP, and often no one answers the consultation phone in the provident fund hall.In terms of consumer rights protection, there were 2,992 cases, accounting for 8.2% of the total number of cases, mainly in the fields of culture, entertainment, transportation, catering, accommodation and so on, involving the bad service attitude of some businesses, the serious discrepancy between the propaganda policy and the actual service provided, the poor maintenance professionalism of 4S shops, the serious discrepancy between the quality of goods in some stores and the price.In the area of health and epidemic prevention, 1,849 cases, accounting for 5% of the total number of cases, were mainly related to consultation on the epidemic prevention and control policies of people entering and returning to Dongying from other cities. They reported that there were too many people in some shopping malls and the epidemic prevention measures were not in place, the distance between nucleic acid test queues in hospitals was too small, and they consulted the telephone numbers of epidemic prevention and control headquarters of each county or district.In February, the 12345 convenient government service hotline supervised the handling of 23 problems, of which 22 have been handled so far, taking an average of 1.92 working days, with a resolution rate of 84.21 percent and satisfaction rate of 68.42 percent.The difficulties in supervising and handling are mainly manifested as unclear division of responsibilities of undertaking units, unclear ownership, poor resolution measures, poor response quality and deviation between subjective cognition and objective facts of residents.The public calls: excuse me how to change outpatient service as a whole designated hospital?Municipal Medical Security Bureau replied: bring your ID card or social security card related valid documents to the secondary and below medical institutions to sign the contract.The citizen calls: get employment in dongying before, take an examination of next full-time graduate student to go to school 3 years, graduate if return to dongying work again, can get record of formal schooling subsidy?Municipal Human Resources and Social Security Bureau replied: The time of first employment of living allowance for newly employed college students is subject to the time of first employment and social security payment after obtaining full-time education.Specific can log in dongying city talent service online system for registration, the system will automatically calculate the corresponding subsidy standard, subsidy fixed number of years.What circumstances need to deal with comprehensive individual income tax settlement?(1) a taxpayer obtains comprehensive income from two or more places in one tax year, and the annual balance of comprehensive income after deducting special deductions such as the three insurances and housing fund exceeds 60,000 yuan;(2) income from one or more items of income from remuneration for personal services, author’s remuneration or royalties, and the annual balance of the four items of comprehensive income after deducting special deductions such as the three insurances and the housing fund exceeds 60,000 yuan;Third, in a tax year, the withholding tax is lower than the amount of tax payable calculated according to law;Fourth, taxpayers apply for tax rebates.It is the legitimate rights and interests of taxpayers to apply for tax refund. If the annual tax paid in advance is higher than the tax payable, taxpayers can apply for tax refund.Data statistics of Dongying 12345 Government Service convenience hotline from March 18 to March 24, 2022