Is the high school entrance examination difficult?As long as the peacetime basic skills solid, no resistance to each section, it is not difficult

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Last year, the end of the middle school examination, coordinates the lake south border of the small county, culture section total score 890 (total score 940, another sports 60 minutes).Get straight to the point and introduce my learning method.Try to familiarize yourself with the classics in Chinese.Test a character in our side, and then ask what works in which people, the pressure a bit big, want to read books to relax, or recommend to read classics, at least read the romance of The Three Kingdoms and a dream of red mansions, this way sometimes there will be a “childhood”, often only a few students can answer this question.The understanding and recitation of ancient prose and poetry must be in place.Such as polysemy, word interpretation, translation, filling in the blanks these platitudes of course need to pay attention to, extracurricular ancient reading, can be combined with the relevant knowledge in class, believe me, most of the time there will be harvest.Words, sounds, glyph words, these are common memory accumulation oh.The words of the sick sentence can be read out when it is difficult, and the sense of language is quite useful.Mathematics is my strength, strength but not a lot of learning methods.Personally, I think the foundation must be strong, because our math is quite simple, I have a solid foundation, so I got 140+ in the middle school entrance examination.English words must be remembered for me!Even to the third grade students asked me to learn words.Grammar is basically memorized back to back.Similar, feel easy to confuse, be sure to remember more, can be listed together, it is easier to find the difference.If the grammar is good, it is easy to get all the grammar reading questions right.Cloze filling should be done carefully and quickly.It generally tests the connection of context, fixed collocation and so on, which has echoes with the method of reading, of course, fixed collocation must be firmly mastered.But sometimes the answer is A little weird, and SOMETIMES I think, “A, B, C, but why D?”This is probably the difference in each person’s thinking.Do reading comprehension in grade three, you must read every article carefully. If you have time, you can also copy down the new words and phrases.Reading becomes easier as you enlarge your vocabulary.Don’t ignore the sentence patterns, either.Look at long sentences first, then check for inverted sentences, emphasis sentences and so on.After all, I think English composition is the best to write, no one!Try to use simple sentences, of course, if you are good at using complex sentences correctly, it will also have an eye-catching effect.The composition should first examine the topic, think out of the Chinese (that is, conceive first), and then go to the correct English translation of the sentence you came up with, and finally write.Expand the topic so that your words are not too few and your essay is not too short.Listening basically depends on the teacher, listening in the classroom to be serious, do not look at the material behind the blind listen again, and then look at the teaching material to listen again, find their own words and sentences did not hear clearly, listen to what, why can hear wrong?Is there a link or are you mispronouncing the word?Then you can imitate yourself and read it.The words of our class will be put three times about the recording, if your class teacher does not pay attention to listening, you go to download yourself, recite the text to remember the words can listen to it.When I first came into contact with physics in grade two, MY grades were totally confused.Later, the third class director was a super good physics teacher, and her grades improved.Physical formula do not rote memorization, it is best to understand and even derive, rote memorization is also possible, read the question carefully, find out the known conditions and the problem, and which formula is similar, which formula can be used in the set, basic simple questions listed formula offspring value can be.Remember chemical reaction equations, element symbols, molecular weights, and so on.There is a difference between the chemical name and the chemical symbol in the question.Lighting, high temperature, heating are also different.Things like the top five elements in the earth’s crust need to be remembered, not to mention the basic types of reactions.Acid, alkali, salt and chemistry should be carefully listened to, our teacher said that this part is the most difficult (maybe for our class).But now it’s not hard to recall the feeling anywhere!Ok, so much for the subject section.May be different from everyone’s sense of difficulty, so it is more concise, there are wrong places are also welcome to correct oh!The third year will be more tired and busier than before.A year actually passes super fast, if you want to get good grades in the high school entrance examination, then you have to work hard from the beginning of grade three.There is no such thing as a free ride.Of course, you don’t need to be too nervous. Speed up your pace a little bit to save time and be confident. My advice is “Learn when you learn and have fun when you play”.Don’t give yourself too much pressure, normal heart is good, but in the study to be strict with yourself.To explore suitable learning methods for younger students to keep, there is no good method in learning slowly, do not hurry.Don’t be impetuous and stressed out this year.You just have to do what needs to be done, and the results will make sense.New contact chemistry do not feel that “oh very difficult ah, I do not understand at the beginning, I am not saved”, give up is really silly!I also gave up on myself, just learning physics was the whole collapse, learning chemistry a little longer time began to meng.But I still be working hard ah, so take an examination of physics 96/100 (sorry my homeroom teacher wu wu), chemistry honored ground full mark (we here chemistry question is quite simple).In my opinion, not resisting any subject is one of the keys to learn well.Refueling oh!I wish you all a smooth entrance examination, happy after the results!