A small number of scenic spots in Shandong have become popular, with tickets costing up to 120 yuan, but tourists still say it’s worth it

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In recent years, with the booming development of China’s tourism industry, many niche scenic spots have been discovered by everyone and become popular tourist attractions on the Internet.Today xiaobian for you to introduce, is a popular minority scenic area in Shandong, because of its beautiful scenery, it is favored by a wide range of tourists, even if the ticket is 120 yuan, tourists still said it is very valuable.This scenic spot, is located in jinan City Licheng District xiying street “nine mountain” scenic spot, local friends may more or less have heard its name.According to the truth, Ji ‘nan is also a famous tourist city, within the world’s first spring scenic area, is a nationally renowned tourist scenic area, every year can attract hundreds of thousands of passenger flow, but many tourists come to Ji ‘nan, only pay attention to those well-known big scenic area, but ignore those not famous small scenic area.Nine mountains in Jinan, even an unknown small scenic spot, but it is not famous, but its beautiful scenery has also been rated as a 4A tourist scenic spot by the tourist tourism department.Many friends may not agree, nine mountains in the final analysis is a mountain, what is there on the mountain in order to attract so many tourists?In fact, jiushan is most famous for its waterfalls. Although the waterfalls are not as magnificent as the Huangguoshu tree, the deafening sound can be heard several miles away. In summer, the water mist caused by the waterfalls will make the hot temperature drop several degrees, making it an excellent place for summer vacation.Of course, in addition to the waterfall, the remains of the Great Wall here are also a great attraction.According to legend, here was the stone road in the late Ming and early Qing dynasties and the ruins of the Great Wall of Qi dating back 2500 years, tourists walking on the top can feel the battle for hegemony, the flames of war to the central Plains of the feeling.If you are interested, you can personally come here to feel the charming atmosphere of Nine mountains, but now it is winter, the temperature is still very cold, if you want to come, it is best to come in spring, summer and autumn.At present, in order to attract tourists, Jiushan also specially launched a ticket once, you can enter the life of free activities, interested friends can come to experience.Anhui has a small number of popular scenic spots with beautiful scenery and pleasant surroundings. Within Wuhu lies a “low-key” prefecture-level city with 16 railway stations, though it is not well known