The number of skins is the same as the Chinese server?The new head of the non-skin village, the auxiliary god, has another secret

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Assist this position has always been a lot of people hate, or no, after all for the glory of Kings, auxiliary a means eating the least economic take more responsibility, but for some players like auxiliary another matter, Wu Ri day believe that a lot of people are not strange, as an auxiliary to play in the home is the existence of the top,With the proud record of the full support Chinese server, this means that the support has been perfected.Not only that, I believe many people have seen Wu Ri days of live, the title of the god of the auxiliary really is, after all, serve the country support hero plus for the auxiliary of the original understanding, Wu Ri day is one of the ceiling of the auxiliary players, and Wu Ri day is also in the sprint Su Liede countries recently, believe not take long before you can achieve, after all, for Wu Ri day,The Chinese server is a piece of cake.But Wu Ri day also has a very special place, that is your own number of the dress and the skin is the same, which is also strange, after all, now the king of glory way to get the skin very much, free skin was a lot, so it is not reasonable, but Wu Ri days are never charge money, this is understandable.After all, there are a lot of zero-charge players out there.Reason is simple, actually that’s because Wu Ri day has just started to play before the king, because of bankruptcy in the home, so there is no money, and the last is set a flag, that is not the clothes on the skin, obviously has done, but did not charge idea, and eight Wu Ri days before dress only seven skin,Now there are 20 skins in 20 countries, which is pretty good, after all, it’s a very inspiring story.Actually for such players Wu Ri day, do you have any skin does not affect the operation, especially when the awareness is greater than the operation, there would be no less important to the requirement of the skin, if sometimes in the high-end auxiliary players see no skin, big probability is Wu Ri day, and as a cut in only a single number the clothes the most players, strength is very good,Especially in today’s gaming environment, he’s been able to do this for a long time, and many are looking forward to his future number of Chinese servers, which is already 21.