Protect the home, we together!The teachers in this school in Hangzhou are more beautiful and friendly

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The Spring Festival of 2022, “quiet” down binjiang, “quiet” down Fuyang, “quiet” down Xiaoshan, twists and turns and suffering, respectively and patience, for every Hangzhou people, is destined to be unforgettable.On the other hand, tears and blood, selfless and dedication, smiling face and singing, cheering and Shouting, we are all ordinary people, but trying to be the one who can carry the load forward.Fight the epidemic, protect their homes, we are together!Start of Spring, the first solar term of the Year of the Tiger, falls on The fourth day of the first lunar month on February 4, 2022.Winter Olympics meet spring, hangzhou epidemic inflection point, the silence of a Spring Festival in Hangzhou, less dignified, more relaxed, spring breath seems to blow on the face.On The evening of January 30, 17:57, the 28th day of the lunar calendar, yuanqing Middle School was informed by the superior to organize volunteers to go into the community to help with anti-epidemic work.Therefore, the source of qing middle school staff nail group opened a hot volunteer registration relay.Epidemic is command, time is efficiency!There’s no time! There’s no time!The screen full of “sign up” constantly flashed, instantaneous the first 40 volunteers assembled.Ge junting said that she could not go home this Spring Festival due to the epidemic. She hoped to contribute to the fight against the epidemic.CAI Wenyi teacher said, although MY health is not good, but do some light work is ok, if you need to call me at any time!Cao Qingyuan teacher said, although that day something, but if the staff is not enough, then I must go!Chen Ellie teacher said, I signed up, bring my daughter together!Teacher Zhang Jing said, I sign up, call family members, ready at any time!However, many staff members who are unable to participate in this volunteer activity because they have already gone home for the Spring Festival or are in temporary isolation are still giving their names.”Count me in!These hot words, “need +1” and “willing to volunteer”, light up the bleak sky of the year of the Tiger in 2022 in such a cold winter, and warm every nervous heart in the spring.At 19:07 p.m. on February 3, the group of Nacks volunteers were in a blaze.Due to the task adjustment, the number of volunteers required “reduction”, but this has become a difficult problem, who will not go?No one.All the volunteers could do was say, “Ok!Next time it must be my turn!””Call me if you need me!”Among them, Tang Zhongjie drove back to Hangzhou from Huzhou for more than an hour to participate in the volunteer activities.At 7:40 in the morning of February 4th, the temperature was 0℃, and hangzhou was cold after snow. However, yuanqing campus was already welcoming the first excitement of the Year of the Tiger.A service team composed of party members and cadres from the Municipal Education Bureau and staff volunteers from Hangzhou Yuanqing Middle School went to Binhe Community in Xixing district to continue to assist the community in epidemic prevention and control and community management.Principal Chen Weinong made a simple mobilization: “Only when a drop of water melts into the sea can it never dry up, and only when a person contributes to the society can he realize himself.At present, each of us in Yuanqing should carry forward teachers’ sense of social responsibility, strive to learn from high school as a teacher, practice being a model, and strive for Hangzhou to become an example of common prosperity!”There was no passion, no heroic words. After simple docking and training, the team members clearly divided the division of labor, put on protective clothing, and quickly started to work.Patrol residential buildings, transport materials, assist in inspection, information flow adjustment……The team members were busy in different parts of the community.Endurance test: The lonely watchman and community a total of 13 buildings, each building is equipped with 1-2 volunteers, their task is to wait for the corridor, persuade residents who want to go downstairs, maintain the order of each building, and help solve some of the needs of residents.Although it seems simple, this may be the loneliest adherence.The weather is cold, cold hands and feet, we stomp feet, rub hands, choose to continue to stick to!But there is a warmth in loneliness.Vice principal Xiang yifang smiles and says she is a person with a story.Just heard the elevator ring, thought that someone was going to come out, was trying to dissuade, did not expect a big sister took a glass bottle filled with hot water, said you warm your hands, but also specially wrapped with napkins handed over, let a person instantly warm.Mental test: the volunteers in the information flow control group felt deeply.I have long heard of the complexity and difficulty of the flow adjustment work. Faced with thousands of calls, the teachers of the flow adjustment group need to update and process the data immediately on the one hand, and confirm the information of the key personnel again on the other hand. The careful inquiry tests not only patience, but also skills.”I call before 100, you call after 100.””You play the first list, we play the second list.””*** has been confirmed to be completed, and it can be updated in Zhezheng Nail.”…The 10 volunteers of the information flow adjustment group were busy and orderly checking and confirming the residents’ information flow adjustment.What can be done to be more organized and efficient?Volunteers exchange work experiences on the phone, and soon an effective and heartwarming communication technique emerges.”Hello, this is the information flow adjustment team of Binhe Community Epidemic Prevention and Control Office”. First of all, you should identify yourself, eliminate the guard of the phone answering staff, and quickly confirm the information.”Thank you for your cooperation, I wish you a happy life”, “Thank you for your assistance, I wish you all the best”, warm and polite closing words let the masses who have been repeatedly tuned to receive sincere blessings from the volunteers in the restfulness.Physical test: material transport people if the inspection work needs to adhere to, then the test of material transport is physical strength.13 buildings, hundreds of families, and today’s mission is to deliver Chinese food.These daily “scholars and scholars”, now pick up things, the pace of the wind, many female teachers also become a “tough woman”, said with a smile, “as a fitness to lose weight”.After a quick lunch, everyone immediately returned to work and resumed the afternoon’s work.After a tense and orderly day of work, the volunteers, with a whole body tired, set foot on the return journey, the car was quiet and inexhaustible, and finally they could take a rest.Years from now, this moment of darkness will be forgotten, but the courage and warmth inspired by this epidemic will be remembered, because this city is a sanctuary for everyone, and because, rain or shine, we are always together.Beautiful education, hangzhou future today’s calendar please check ~ source: Hangzhou Source qing middle school editor: Woodyu copyright belongs to the original author all, if infringement, please contact delete