New Year red iPhone8Plus ultra festive, but query found is ID machine, there is a hidden ID!

2022-05-11 0 By

Everyone got New Year’s money did not, today the net friend got New Year’s money for the first time to get a red iPhone8Plus, according to him, the New Year to buy red iPhone8Plus is very appropriate.But what surprises people is that even if you buy a mobile phone during the Spring Festival, it can turn over!The seller only told him it was the old system, do not upgrade the system, may cause the system crash.But the seller didn’t tell him that the iPhone8Plus had a hidden ID!The reason for the failure to upgrade is the hidden ID, not the old system.Single from the outside view, the red iPhone8Plus is still very beautiful, the big New Year with a red iPhone is very festive.Because the machine is hidden ID, so it can enter the system normally, normal use.However, the iPhone with hidden ID cannot be restored, swiped or upgraded. More importantly, the original owner can check the information in the phone at any time, such as photos, phone calls and short messages.The key can also be located, locked iPhone, so ID machine is the most not recommended to buy a class, there is a risk of crash at any time.From the machine, we can see that it is iOS13 system, the system is very old, because the ID machine cannot be upgraded, so it has been stuck in a certain system version.The international version, memory is 64GB.To know whether iPhone has hidden ID or not, we need to log out of our ID account first.Then check the machine report or ID to activate the lock.If the back ID is also displayed on, that is the ID machine, there is a hidden ID.Some iphones also display lost mode.The ID lock of the machine is on. In fact, the user just got the phone, and did not log in his ID.So it can’t be his own ID, so this iPhone8Plus is a hidden ID, belonging to the ID machine.Other information is OK, such as no network lock, selling in China, retail machine, not repaired, etc.ID machine is much cheaper than the normal two mobile phones, but it is not suitable to buy, we must avoid ID machine to buy second-hand iPhone, do not be cheap!