“Empowering Parents of Autistic Children” charity training was held

2022-05-11 0 By

Recently, yunnan Rehabilitation Center for the Disabled, Hailiang Special Education Research Institute and Star Family (Kunming) Center held a charity training “Empowering parents of autistic children” to love stars for 40 parents of autistic children.In recent years, autism has become the fastest growing serious condition in the world.The training provided parents with professional course training and standardized step learning of rehabilitation training knowledge, guided parents to rehabilitation at home, taught parents professional knowledge of rehabilitation training for autistic children and parent-patient communication skills, and further improved the quality of rehabilitation for autistic children.”At present, educational intervention along with medical rehabilitation is an important method of rehabilitation training for children with autism, and parents play an irreplaceable role in guiding them to relieve psychological pressure, introducing correct educational concepts for children with autism, helping to relieve psychological pressure and establish an optimistic attitude.”A person in charge of the Yunnan Rehabilitation Center for the Disabled said that in the future, the Yunnan Rehabilitation Center for the Disabled will continue to hold various activities jointly with relevant units to protect star homes, and the Star Family (Kunming) Center will also promote integrated education and support employment for older people in Kunming.Kunming Daily all-media reporter: Sun Xiao, Editor: Huang Lu, Editor: Zhou Xiaoxue, Final: Zhou Jianjun