6-4!China women’s soccer team narrowly beat Japan on penalty kicks, Wang Shanshan key goal, Shui Qingxia adjustment see effect

2022-05-11 0 By

Beijing, February 3 (Xinhua) — China’s women’s soccer team will play Against Japan in the semifinals of the Asian Women’s Cup in Beijing on February 3. Japan is a strong rival in Asia, and China’s women’s soccer team has not won in the last four matches, the latest victory came from the Rio Olympic Qualifier.1- Zhu Jue, 3- Wang Xiaoxue, 5- Ma Jun, 6- Zhang Xin, 8- Yao Wei, 11- Wang Shanshan, 14- Lou Jiahui, 15- Wu Chengshu, 16- Yao Lingwei, 18- Tang Jiali, 19- Zhang Linyan, the team’s leading scorer Wang Shuang did not start due to injury.In the first half 25 minutes into the game, Japan with smooth cooperation, through the wide foot crosses, flank of the offensive players using header complete end, this is apparent in the goal of the echo poor situation, in the case of three defenders, are in place, be opponents scored from a success, it is also against Vietnam women’s football game,And the opponent scored a goal has a similar point.At the end of the first half of the game China women’s soccer team to temporarily 0-1 down Japan women’s soccer team.Game is just beginning in the second half, the Chinese women’s team, after change, through Wu Chengshu door scrambled equaliser, to draw 1-1, this goal is also the team’s offensive rhythm was improved obviously, but the problem is apparent in the team in the defensive end, nearly has been completed, in into 64 minutes, LouJiaHui due to lumbar sprain is unable to continue,Gao came on as a substitute in the 81st minute when Wang replaced scorer Xiao Yuyi. The two teams were tied 1-1 in regular time and went into extra time.In overtime for 96 minutes, the Japanese women’s football by conduction won several ball and once even hit the crossbar, threat, in into 103 minutes, the Japanese women’s football tactics form through the free kick, will take to 2-1, it is also because the impact of China’s women’s physical appearance, into overtime game in the second half,After substituting two strikers, Yang Lina and Li Ying, Wang Shanshan scored from the top spot in the 118th minute to level the score at 2-2.In the penalty shootout, the two teams failed to hit the first penalty kick, but Wang Shanshan scored a decisive decision at the last moment. China women’s football team defeated Japan women’s football team 4-3 on penalty kicks, and defeated Japan women’s football team 6-4 on aggregate, smoothly advancing to the final.Japanese women’s football for two successive Asian cup champion, and the king of frost because of sprained ankle is not appearance, the game ShuiQingXia two big adjustment is highly effective, the location of the first reform vian, let the latter from the striker moved to the central defender position, vian as a veteran team, fall on the ball and defensive position has a very good control,The second major adjustment was in the midfield adjustment, after the introduction of Zhang Rui and Xiao Yuyi as substitutes, the pace of the attack was greatly improved, especially Xiao Yuyi’s cross assist helped the team equalize smoothly.In addition, As a young goalkeeper, Zhu Jue saved the first and fifth penalty kicks effectively, becoming a major contributor to the team.