Double crown for one crown!Su yiming defended the controversial referee again, showing the style of Chinese players

2022-05-06 0 By

China’s Su Yiming returned to one of the most controversial topics after winning the final of the snowboard grand jump at the Beijing Winter Olympics, which ended today (Feb 15).In fact, this Beijing Winter Olympics, Su Yiming should not only one title, he should even be worthy of China’s youngest double champion, absolutely not exaggeration.Not only the big platform victory today, the men’s slopestyle final, Su Yiming has been robbed by the judges of a title that belongs to him.However, after winning the championship today, he showed his amazing pattern. Afterwards, in the interview, Su Yiming publicly said that he had no dispute about the judgment of the past match, and there would be no doubt, which also let the controversial silver medal that should have belonged to him go by.And Su Yiming so magnanimous, but will make the game’s referee more ashamed.At that time, Su lost the men’s slopestyle final by 2.26 points, and the first place is the Canadian parrott who lost to Su in the final today, and this time Parrott lost to Su is a complete and utter defeat.He lost to Su Yiming full 12.25 points, that the strength of the two sides is a gap, then the slope obstacle parrott is how to win?In a later interview, Shumatic, the chief referee of that match, said they missed parrott’s mid-air grab and gave him three points for what should have been three more.With three points deducted, Su, who was 2.26 points behind, would have deserved to win the event.So it is very simple, the judges stole the gold medal from Su yiming, they all admitted their mistake, they should give the champion 3 points less, then su Yiming is the champion, there is no problem.But now Su yiming is very magnanimous, showing the pattern and style of Chinese athletes.Your misjudgment caused me to lose a gold medal and not become a double champion, but NOW I stand up and excuse for you, saying that I have no dissatisfaction or objection to the judgment of the previous match, this kind of mind can better reflect the magnanimity of our Chinese delegation.In addition to Su Yiming, Gu Ailing won the big platform more or less also encountered some pressure points, especially when he and France’s Tess – Le de in the last jump to fight for the crown, the French judge gave her the lowest points, but gave Tess the highest score.But so far, none of our players have really questioned the referee’s decision, such is the big heart and sportsman’s grace and style.At such times, you have to say that the Chinese players have done a very good job on this point. Even if you really hurt our gold medal because of the controversy, the Chinese players will not be haggling with you.