A young man came to Xi ‘an to see a doctor and stayed in several containment areas as volunteers due to the epidemic

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[Abstract] Nearly 200 vegetables were distributed, 1500 nucleic acid information were input at home, and they worked for more than 10 hours and walked tens of thousands of steps every day.He was working in Gansu province and came to Xi ‘an for medical treatment for a short time. Unexpectedly, he stayed in Xi ‘an for a month due to the epidemic and also worked as a volunteer for a month. “After my employer knew about my situation, it was agreed that I would report back to my employer after the Spring Festival holiday.””Yang Ganshuai, a post-90s volunteer, told reporters.The special experience prompted him to apply for a volunteer job on January 25, when a reporter from Huashang Daily contacted Yang, he was busy helping the kangning Community in Yanta District, which was currently doing volunteer work, to organize a free TCM clinic.”I’m from weinan in shaanxi province in the northwest electric power construction engineering co., LTD., gansu province to work more than three years, in December last year, I because of body reason in xi ‘an hospital appointment, didn’t expect the outbreak suddenly nervous, can only stay, however, another of my identity or one’s deceased father grind, experienced in xi ‘an this special one’s deceased father grind,I am deeply moved by the concerted efforts of xi ‘an to help more than one hundred thousand postgraduate students enter the examination room and complete the exam.Since I can’t leave Xi ‘an for the time being, I applied online to be a volunteer after the exam, “she said.The reporter of Huashang Daily learned that Yang Ganshuai has been working as a volunteer on the frontline of xi ‘an epidemic prevention and control in the past month, protecting the health and safety of the assigned area together with community workers.He worked in multiple sealing centralization volunteer Yang Ganshuai told Chinese reporters, in the past month, he successively in huacheng 7 color blue lotus lake district town, fenghe several large communities do volunteer service, there are a lot of small area belong to centralization, mainly for household screen control, organization of the nucleic acid detection, to help aid in the form of material distribution, hospital to buy medicine,In his “distant relatives are not as good as near neighbors” wechat group, the reporter saw that Yang Ganshuai would regularly issue a notice to buy vegetables and ask people about their difficulties, and do a good job of demand statistics, to help the community owners to solve the pressing needs.”Order dishes is the highest peak in the New Year’s eve, the day has 23 people in WeChat group” solitaire “place the order, I find a still open the door of this, the boss busy don’t come, immediately think of the New Year’s day, make village owner takes food across the years, I will own to fit side dish, into the early hours, finally give you distribution.”According to Yang Ganshuai’s rough statistics, in the past month, he dressed in protective clothing and shuttled around in each residential building, delivering nearly 200 vegetables, and entering nucleic acid information at home for 1,500 people. He worked for more than 10 hours a day and walked tens of thousands of steps.”Now Xi ‘an has become a low-risk area of the whole city, and I have also reported my situation in Xi ‘an to the company, and the company agreed that I should return to work after the Holiday. Recently, I applied to continue my volunteer work in Kangning Community of Yanta District. I happen to have a doctor friend who has finished the nucleic acid sampling task.25, 26 consecutive two nights will be kangning community anti-epidemic workers and the elderly free diagnosis, pulse diagnosis, common diseases and chronic diseases to answer questions, guide rational drug use.Now the epidemic in Xi ‘an has come to an end, and people’s lives are gradually returning to normal. Next, I will hand over the rest of the work, so that I can have a good sleep.”Yang ganshuai said with a smile.Source: Huashang Net – Huashang Daily editor: Founder Statement: Reprint this article is for the purpose of delivering more information.If the source is wrong or violated your legitimate rights and interests, please contact the author with proof of ownership, we will promptly correct, delete, thank you.Email address: newmedia@xxcb.cn