Housing prices rose in Changsha and Hefei, while prices fell in Wuhan and Zhengzhou

2022-05-04 0 By

In the fourth week of January, of the six provincial capitals in the central region, changsha and Hefei were the only cities where the second-hand home prices rose, while the other four cities saw their prices fall.Changsha second-hand housing listing price rises, because Changsha originally housing price base is not high, although the housing price in the past year has risen, but the average price is still the lowest in the central region, coupled with changsha these years more young people from abroad, to Changsha housing prices have brought a relatively large support point.Hefei second-hand housing listing price rise, is hefei recent new home market is hot, this heat let some of the locked hefei second-hand landlords want to sell high house cash, false heat.People familiar with the law of hefei property market know that hefei housing prices this year is impossible to have the market.In addition to these two cities, prices are falling in Wuhan, Zhengzhou, Taiyuan and Nanchang.Among the four cities, nanchang and Taiyuan have an obvious downward trend in housing prices, and the probability is that there is no Indian Summer, while Wuhan property market with the strength of the first strong city in central and western China, there may be An Indian Summer.As for zhengzhou property market, there should have been an Indian Summer, but Zhengzhou property market encountered too many accidents, local purchasing power was consumed.Central area property market will not have what big market this year, the overall will be given priority to.If you want to know more about wuhan, please come and ask Uncle Peng