Gather force “three big breakthrough”, shandong next what kind of big chess?

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The victory of war is often achieved through the breakthrough of key points.Chess, such as the art of war, to find a breakthrough, can live a game of chess.As a Chinese saying goes, “A master of chess sets the stage, and a master of chess sets the stage.”The plan for the Spring Festival and the Shandong Province 2022 Work Mobilization Conference accurately grasp the overall situation and development trend.The conference points out three breakthrough points and breakthroughs to enhance innovation in economic and social development, which is the key to victory.To consolidate and expand comparative advantages, strengthen innovation and seek breakthroughs.Take the initiative by playing chess first.First move is the first advantage.We should have a deep understanding of our development foundation and resource endowment and give full play to our comparative advantages.Shandong has quite prominent comparative advantage in nine: three times industry can go hand in hand, both ends of the supply and demand can be coordinated, old and new kinetic energy can bring out the best in each other, keeping abreast of all kinds enterprise can, can luhai resources development as a whole, can convenient transportation, urban and rural areas can balanced development, opening to the outside world can lift gear upgrades, farming culture fertile soil depth.Full play of these nine comparative advantages will form competitive advantages.However, the advantage is changeable and perishable, a little slack, the advantage will be weakened.Only by forging ahead, consolidating comparative advantages and making them bigger and stronger can we make them better and make the long board longer.Dongyue Group is the vane of new chemical materials and hydrogen energy industry in China and the leader of fluorine containing functional materials in China.Dongyue Group has made breakthroughs in the innovation of chlor-alkali ion membrane and other products, concentrating on improving its own advantages, creating a coordinated layout of “fluorine, silicon, membrane and hydrogen” industrial chain, driving an industrial chain with scientific and technological innovation, and an industrial chain driving an industrial group.On the basis of consolidating comparative advantages, we should be good at discovering and building new advantages. Only by further developing comparative advantages can we change local advantages into overall advantages and advantage into winning power.We should strengthen innovation and seek breakthroughs in strengthening and overcoming weaknesses.Chess game, pay attention to the left and right chess layout balance, in order to achieve both attack and defense effect.If there are weaknesses or weak links, they need to be replenished, otherwise it will drag down the overall situation.Shoring up areas of weakness is a tough task, and we need to step up efforts to achieve high-quality development.Shandong’s economic structure is not optimized enough, and the bottleneck of energy resources is still prominent.There are still many gaps in scientific and technological innovation, talent recruitment and training, improvement of the business environment, and development of the digital economy.We need to further improve production safety, allocation of factors of production, and ensuring people’s wellbeing.There is no need to belittle the existence of these weaknesses.Weak points are difficult and painful points, and are also areas of growth and great potential for development.Dialectically speaking, weak links are potential, gaps are space, and the process of strengthening our weak links is the process of releasing our potential.To overcome the difficulties and eliminate the painful points, it is necessary to riring with innovation and work hard to complement the weak links, strengthen the weak links, turn them into “potential links” and turn them into new economic growth items.In order to effectively stimulate the dynamic vitality of the society and the market, strengthen innovation and seek breakthroughs.In a wonderful chess game, each piece has its own unique value.The most powerful offensive can be organized only when the energy of all the pieces is mobilized.To stimulate the dynamic vitality of society and market, we also need to mobilize every individual and every element.The key to innovation depends on the power of society and the market. The masses are the source of innovation and creation, and the market is the carrier of value realization of innovation activities.Shandong’s population has exceeded 100 million and there are more than 13 million market entities in the province.If we can unleash the creativity of society and the market as much and as quickly as possible, we will create a mighty force of innovation and development.Breakthroughs are essential.The magnificent waterfall flying, not only depends on the water accumulation of strength, but also on the selection of a breakthrough.To unleash the innovative vitality of society and the market, we must also select the right breakthrough point.We need to focus on talent and market entities, support and guarantee innovation, and strengthen innovation in business environment, talent cultivation, industrial ecology and factors of production, so that talent and enterprises can dare to think and do, and their vitality will surge.Focus on the big chess game, the key place.In 2022, The chessboard for innovation and development in Shandong has been opened. By breaking through the key points and making a sound decision, shandong will surely win the game.(Report by Dazhong Daily client reporter Chen Juhui, Sun Xiuling, intern Ge Yuhan)