Why should you thank Korea for abolishing Chinese characters three times?45% of South Koreans are semi-literate

2022-05-01 0 By

Recently, South Korea is using concrete actions to refresh the world’s recognition of its foul play in the Winter Olympics, even angry face after the cancellation of results, and even openly beat up Chinese students in South Korea.The Behavior of the Korean side is not only the embodiment of low quality, but also the serious inferiority of its culture, but also do not know, all kinds of events have to start to doubt whether the Korean people have been mentally deranged?This is not a small series of scaremongering, South Korean people repeatedly make crazy behavior, can only be said to be related to its three abolishment of Chinese characters.Language and writing are the most important spiritual civilization for a country, and it is easy to see a cultural gap as in Korea if the language is changed.As a result of the abolition of Chinese characters, 45 percent of the Korean people became semi-literate, unable to read not only Chinese history books but also domestic legal documents. Why did this happen?Unlike Chinese characters, Hangeul is just a phonetic alphabet, which is equivalent to Korean pinyin, but it is impossible to distinguish meanings by pinyin alone, let alone tones.The importance of Chinese characters in Korean history books and legal documents is illustrated by the fact that it is impossible to understand the real meaning of Chinese characters.However, due to its weak cultural pride, The Korean government decided to abolish Chinese characters and put all efforts into promoting pure Korean culture.The first time to abolish Chinese characters was during the Sino-Japanese War, when a mixture of Chinese and Korean characters was adopted. However, due to backward education and the influence of the war, a large number of people still used Chinese characters, and the abolishment failed.The second time, in 1945, with the support of the United States and a large number of pro-American advocates, Korea began to focus on Hangeul, claiming that Chinese characters were backward, and passed the Hangeul Special Act.As a result, a large number of semi-illiterates are being cultivated in Korea, where elementary and middle school students do not learn Chinese characters but are still widely used in society.In the end, Korean authorities had no choice but to announce the resumption of teaching basic Chinese characters, and the second abolishment failed. Until 1961, “Hangeul only” was fully implemented, and all documents and ancient books were translated into Hangeul.So did Korea succeed the third time?No doubt it failed again, and these three attempts show how dysfunctional South Korea is, dreaming of replacing Chinese identity cards with Chinese names.However, xiaobian thinks South Korea should be grateful for this move. Why do you say so?After realizing that Chinese characters cannot be replaced, Koreans began to argue that Chinese characters were invented by Korea. If They had not decided to abolish Chinese characters, they would have taken away our cultural treasures.But now that South Korea has done its own self-castration, the bluster is nothing more than a rage of incompetence.(Article/Cele)