“When the two sessions are underway” Jiang Wending attended the CPPCC joint group discussion

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This Taiwan news (Jiujiang Radio and Television all media reporter Chen Tao) January 24 morning, jiang Wending, deputy secretary of the Municipal Party committee to participate in the Democratic Revolution, overseas Chinese federation, social sciences, ethnic minority sector joint group discussion.After listening carefully to the members of the speech, Jiang Wending said that the members of the speech to the economic and social development of Jiujiang do offer true feelings, advice, a true recruit, fully reflects the CPPCC members to perform their duties.Jiang Wending pointed out that we should establish a first-class consciousness of the standard.Jiujiang is at a critical stage of development. All members of the committee should maintain first-class status, aim at first-class targets, strive for first-class performance, and actively perform their duties for the high-standard construction of an important node city of the Yangtze River Economic Belt.We need to build consensus on implementation.The development of Jiujiang has never been short of ideas and directions. Members of the committee should actively study the action plan of Jiujiang city on building an important node city of the Yangtze River Economic Belt with high standards, and strive for policies and supportive measures from the higher level.All sectors should strengthen communication, work hard and make joint efforts.Du Shaohua and Ma Haiwei participated in the discussion.(source: Jiujiang First Set) Editor: Huang Bichen Editor: Liu Xinle Review: Li Yaowei Chief supervisor: Jiang Xiaojian